March 28, 2005

Oh Sunny Day!

Could it be? Could spring be here? It's supposed to be 48 degrees today in Green Bay. Eli - You won't have to be in a snow suit for the rest of your life! What a difference a little sun in your life can make.

I got the book "Good Night, Sleep Tight" - so far so good. Easy to follow. I really want to get bette sleeping habits for both kids. So I can get some good sleep. I love my sleep!!

Took the kids out for a walk yesterday - that felt really good. Plan to do it again today.

March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Elijah.. today is your first Easter!! Too bad bad you are too young for chocolate. Sara got a "barbie" chocolate bunny. Last night you slept for 5 hours straight!! yahoooo!!
Nursing you was very difficult yesterday - Dad and I gave in and gave you a bottle last night - then you passed out and slept. It is still so tempting to bottle feed you only. But I'm not going to give up that easy. We have come so far!!


March 17, 2005

Time? what time!

I feel bad not really writing here at all since Eli was born. I am a stay at home mom - with no time. Eli loves to be held.. and nursed. I'm just impressed to still be nursing. I take it one hour at a time.

Not much is too new. We have been busy - just living - changing diapers, dishes, laundry - the fun stuff :)

Sara has been such an incredible big sister to you, Elijah. She loves to entertain you and do anything to help Mommy.

Love to you Eli!!


March 7, 2005

Bye Bye Beaner

Yes, we are still alive. Just very very busy.
Last week Eli had his tongue clipped, we re-financed the house, bought a new car, had out of town visitors and gave the dog away.
Yes, Beaner is gone. He was such a good dog. We ran out of time and space for him - it's sad. I know he is in a good home. He went to live with my friend Rena and her family that includes 4 boys! She also has a few acres so he has plenty of space to run. He will be miss by all of us.