February 28, 2009

A Saturday Evening Surprise!

Tonight I was talking with a friend on the phone who just got home from the hospital. Then suddenly my door bell rang.. odd... I live in the sticks.. and I wasn't expecting one. I opened the door (still on the phone) and it was my "bonus" son John! I was shocked! I still am! I'm always the one to surprise other people. I think this is the first time in my life where I was honestly surprised! The little bugger!

John just finished up all his schooling in the Navy - he is expected to be shipped out at any time. This was a great surprise!

February 23, 2009

What 6 months of snow looks like.....

If you live any place warmer then me - I think this applies to pretty much all of you, then I want to share with you what 6 months of snow looks like...

Sometimes I wonder if living close to the Green Bay Packers so worth all this snow...

February 19, 2009

Creepy or Cool? you pick

My son Eli loves this video we found on youtube of Madonna singing ,Wheels on the Bus. I think it's kind of creepy.

February 13, 2009

I get so Giddy ...

I've got it bad. I've got the American Idol addiction bad!

Here are my tens signs that you are AIA (American Idol Addict) Do you share any of my bad habits?

10. You agree with Simon most of the time.

9. You watch the show with your kids and call it family time.

8. You watch reruns on you tube during the "off season"

7. You don't get blues after Christmas because you know American Idol will start in less then a month.

6. You curse Vote for the Worst

5. Your 9 year old dials for your favourite on the land line while you text with your cell phone.

4. You are still trying to figure out how Dial Idol works.

3. You started watching House because it used to come on right after American Idol.

2. You've checked on facebook to see if your favourite has their own fan page.

1. Your 4 year old says he wants to be "The Next American Idol"

and here's a bonus:

You're listening to Taylor Hicks on Pandora while writing a blog post :)

What I've been doing.

Honestly, I'm not ignoring my blog. It just seems that way. We are deep in winter... winter blahs, that is. I don't have much to say. Yes, I know, shocking!

Here is what I have been up to:

Homeschooling Sara, working my part-time job at ShopKo, and my other part time job as a Social Media Specialist.

Wow, that sounds like a fancy title - don't be too impressed. I work with a local marketing firm and try to engage our clients into social media. I've taken a screen shot of a recent project. We built a fan page within facebook for Miller Electric Welders. We are having a sweepstakes where you have a chance to win a welding helmet if you become a fan. Know of any welders? I didn't think so. I'm guessing that people that read my blog don't weld :)

So that's about it.... working lots.. paying off lots of bills.

What's new in your neck of the woods?

February 8, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Eli!

Four years ago today my little Elijah was born at 10:03am I love you Elijah! You have been such a blessing in Mommy and Daddy's life! Thank You for being you!