August 16, 2005

Late August

Am I supposed to writing in this more often? hmmmm ... time seems to slip away on these long summer days. The weather is perfect - at last! It's the first time since June we haven't had the air on. Elijah, your Mom doesn't like the heat. Today was about 82 - and that's my limit! I love the chilly mornings when it's in the high 50's when you wake up. That's a sign that in just a few short weeks that will be our high for the day. Man, I was meant to be a weather girl. It seems that weather is one of the few things these days that God shows his mighty power.. and I love that!

Your sister starts kindergarten in just a few short weeks. It was very stressful to pick a school. This could make such a difference in her life. She will be going to Forest Glen - the public school close to home. And to think a few months ago we were thinking about homeschooling. There are certain parts I love about homeschooling.. but more then I didn't think would work for us.

One good thing about Sara going to Forest Glen is that she can take the bus. Which is awesome considering the price of gas. I wonder if some day, when you are much older, you will laugh at this entry. Today gas is $2.69/gallon... just 9 days ago it was $2.38/gallon .. that's a 13% increase!! (I wish wages went up that fast!) At Christmas gas was $1.76/gallon.. 52% increase... Dad and I got married 7 years ago.. we saw it at 99 cents the day we got married. I hope there will be more fuel friendly cars for you... there has to be :)

I love you sweetie.. (even though you've been a little bum getting to bed tonight)


August 10, 2005

6 month update

Wow Elijah - you are half a year old... and what a big beautiful boy you are!

Here are some recent stats:

Elijah sits up on his own. He now eats in his high chair.

6 month check up...
Height: 27 1/4" (75%)
Weight 16lbs 4.5 oz (25%)
Head 17" (25%)

I just want people to stop calling you "pretty" - you are cute, handsome, adorable - but not pretty!

I love ya!


August 5, 2005


It's just a matter of time and our lives will be turned upside down!! Elijah is now able to get up on his knees. There he was smiling this morning up on his knees rocking back and forth. Time to get out the baby gate and store the barbie shoes in Sara's room!!

Oh it's gonna get fun real fast :)