June 29, 2005

bathroom talk

The three of us are in the bathroom.. Sara was washing her hands (which is cool to begin with) and I was changing Elijah's diaper. Sara asked if that "thing" by Eli's pee pee was his brain. LOL
I said "no, it's certainly is not his brain!!" Sara then went on to say - "well.. it looks like a brain - just a little one." - my response- well.. sort off. She then asked if all boys have small brains... I just laughed!


June 21, 2005

Busy Busy

Not much time.. today was one of the busiest days of the summer. Sara had swimming in the morning, dance class in the afternoon, then VBS in the evening. I'm helping out with the kitchen duties. Strange, cooking for 120 is not much harder then my family of 4 :)

Elijah - you loved being passed around while Mommy is helping out - you've really enjoyed putting your bare feet on the cool grass.



June 13, 2005

Monday Morn

Probably time to update here. Don't have too much too say..shocking, isn't it. We are just plugging away.
I need to learn put pictures on here. Elijah and Sara are doing well - as Sara says - "we are just being kids"
We are trying to spend more time at home.. less time shopping. I always thought I was going out to entertain the kids. But I think it's me that it's me that is not content. I wonder how to fix that?


June 2, 2005

Loving Spring!

Well.. we are still breast feeding - I don't want to give up!! I'm now at the point where it's so easy. The last thing I want to do is spend any spare time washing bottles!

Now - if we can just work out a schedule for you that would be just dandy!