December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Elijah!

Today was Christmas day. This was not any ol' Christmas - this was your first :) We spend the day at Grandma Peterson's in Neillsville. At the house was Dad, Mom, Sara, Grandma P, Papa P, Aunt Beryl (her boyfriend also came - Chad), Aunt Debbie (her boyfriend Gregg also came), cousins - Jared and Connor, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Julie, cousins Mandy, Kandice & Sean, 2nd cousins Nicole, Hailey & Alexus. It was a big household!

You loved all the paper to play with. There was so much to look at and to get into. When we got home we gave you a tub and you went sound asleep.

We love you!!
Merry Christmas,


December 17, 2005

Eli's first Christmas

Merry Christmas Elijah! This is your first Christmas. And you could care less :) You have zero interest in the tree. The only time you were interested was when I had the christmas lights on the floor to test them. Silly boy.

Tonight you were too funny. You were sitting in your little Elmo soft chair, you'd push back and flip over.. laughing all the way. Then, you'd get up and do it all over again. Over and over again. I don't know if you I entertain you or you entertain me! All I know for sure is how much I love you!


November 29, 2005

big party for your sister

Well.. Sara turned 6 years old! And that makes your mother very old, Eli. Tonight we are celebrating by having a party at the tundra lodge. They have have an indoor waterpark. Next year we will let you swim there.
Right now I don't really know what to write.. you spend most of your days trying to get into things you aren't supposed. ie. the bathroom, Sara's craft center, under my desk. Or you spend your day taste testing everything. You love nothing more then finding paper - tearing it up then trying to eat it. You sure keep me busy. I love you so much - even though we have nick-named you "Eli - the destroyer!"


November 19, 2005

time flies by

wow.. where have I been? You have grown so much. Most days seem the same as the day before but then before you know it you are in the next size clothing. You are now 9 months old. You are 19 lbs. Some say you are small - but I say you are perfect :) We now have the perfect nick name for you. You are Eli - the destoyer! You get into everything - and I mean everything. If I take you away from something you go right over to the next thing you can't touch. We are constantly moving things around to block areas you can't be near. You sure keep us on our toes.

The other day you cried when you got your finger stuck in the VCR (when you are older you can ask me what a VCR is - by the time you are 20 you will have no idea what it is!) You put your finger in - then the door closed and you couldn't get it out. You didn't like that. I came running to your rescue, hugged you and then everything was better. Then what did you do? you tried to do it again! - you little bum. You just laughed at me - testing to see if I was watching.

I will tell more "the destroyer" stories soon. Time for bed. Love you!!


October 2, 2005

first time being sick

Poor little Eli - you are a little, grumpy sick baby. Snotty nose and all. Poor little guy doesn't know what hit him.

September 22, 2005

Late September - Hurricane season

We are at the peak of hurrican season.. and there have been some good ones this year! The big news was Katrina - now Rita is right on her heels, heading just west of where Katrina landed.
Mom is just waiting for a big storm to be named after her! Dana - it's the perfect name for a storm. It's at the beginning of the alphabet and it's unisex - perfect. Instead they have scheduled Daniel and Danny - isn't that the same name!??

Elijah - I just love extreme weather!
Last Tuesday during a good storm here one of our trees got hit by lightning - I know.. kind of scary - but at the same time- how cool! I love it when God shows his power!


September 9, 2005

Friday morning..

Not much to say.. but I feel I should post so you don't think I've dropped off the face of the planet. Sara is really loving school. However, she is tired - last night she fell asleep at 6:30 - and didn't wake up until 6 am!
Elijah, being at home with just you is fun. You are a fun kid! You love to play with your toys and crawl around. You love to explore.

Tonight I have to work - I got a part time job at Shopko Express (Sara calls it baby shopko) - I only work 10-12 hours a week - it's nice to get out of the house - and make money, rather then spend it.

I love you baby boy!


September 2, 2005

Elijah misses big sister

Well.. your sister has started school! You are not even 7 months old yet and you missed her. I swear, you were looking around for her. Sara missed you too. I'm happy you two are so close.. I hope it's always that way :)

... and to think I was complaining before....

gas today.. $3.25 a gallon!

August 16, 2005

Late August

Am I supposed to writing in this more often? hmmmm ... time seems to slip away on these long summer days. The weather is perfect - at last! It's the first time since June we haven't had the air on. Elijah, your Mom doesn't like the heat. Today was about 82 - and that's my limit! I love the chilly mornings when it's in the high 50's when you wake up. That's a sign that in just a few short weeks that will be our high for the day. Man, I was meant to be a weather girl. It seems that weather is one of the few things these days that God shows his mighty power.. and I love that!

Your sister starts kindergarten in just a few short weeks. It was very stressful to pick a school. This could make such a difference in her life. She will be going to Forest Glen - the public school close to home. And to think a few months ago we were thinking about homeschooling. There are certain parts I love about homeschooling.. but more then I didn't think would work for us.

One good thing about Sara going to Forest Glen is that she can take the bus. Which is awesome considering the price of gas. I wonder if some day, when you are much older, you will laugh at this entry. Today gas is $2.69/gallon... just 9 days ago it was $2.38/gallon .. that's a 13% increase!! (I wish wages went up that fast!) At Christmas gas was $1.76/gallon.. 52% increase... Dad and I got married 7 years ago.. we saw it at 99 cents the day we got married. I hope there will be more fuel friendly cars for you... there has to be :)

I love you sweetie.. (even though you've been a little bum getting to bed tonight)


August 10, 2005

6 month update

Wow Elijah - you are half a year old... and what a big beautiful boy you are!

Here are some recent stats:

Elijah sits up on his own. He now eats in his high chair.

6 month check up...
Height: 27 1/4" (75%)
Weight 16lbs 4.5 oz (25%)
Head 17" (25%)

I just want people to stop calling you "pretty" - you are cute, handsome, adorable - but not pretty!

I love ya!


August 5, 2005


It's just a matter of time and our lives will be turned upside down!! Elijah is now able to get up on his knees. There he was smiling this morning up on his knees rocking back and forth. Time to get out the baby gate and store the barbie shoes in Sara's room!!

Oh it's gonna get fun real fast :)


July 28, 2005

All done!

Well.. I'm going to say it... I'm pretty much done nursing :( It's been a real battle. I nurse Eli only about once a day.

Elijah is one happy baby... so it's all okay.

July 9, 2005

It's been a while

I thought it would be so easy to post on here.. daily. HA! Life carries me away at times.
Today is July 9th - Elijah you just turned 5 months old! Wow - you are changing so much and so fast. I only breast feed you about 10% of the time now. It's been rough for me to stop - but I guess that is the direction we are heading. I felt like a real failure. I keep telling myself that it was a up hill battle considering I was asked by your doctor to supplement starting the first week and all the problem we had with the tongue tie issue. I feel like I gave it my all. It's important you know that.

I want you to know that it's 1am.. you were up for almost an hour. Are you going to start sleeping through the night soon? please? please!

My girlfriend from back home is going to visit next. I can't wait to see her. I think it's going to throw her off the deep end visiting me with 2 kids! Denise has none - yet! We hope to do a little scrapbooking :)

Love you!


June 29, 2005

bathroom talk

The three of us are in the bathroom.. Sara was washing her hands (which is cool to begin with) and I was changing Elijah's diaper. Sara asked if that "thing" by Eli's pee pee was his brain. LOL
I said "no, it's certainly is not his brain!!" Sara then went on to say - "well.. it looks like a brain - just a little one." - my response- well.. sort off. She then asked if all boys have small brains... I just laughed!


June 21, 2005

Busy Busy

Not much time.. today was one of the busiest days of the summer. Sara had swimming in the morning, dance class in the afternoon, then VBS in the evening. I'm helping out with the kitchen duties. Strange, cooking for 120 is not much harder then my family of 4 :)

Elijah - you loved being passed around while Mommy is helping out - you've really enjoyed putting your bare feet on the cool grass.



June 13, 2005

Monday Morn

Probably time to update here. Don't have too much too say..shocking, isn't it. We are just plugging away.
I need to learn put pictures on here. Elijah and Sara are doing well - as Sara says - "we are just being kids"
We are trying to spend more time at home.. less time shopping. I always thought I was going out to entertain the kids. But I think it's me that it's me that is not content. I wonder how to fix that?


June 2, 2005

Loving Spring!

Well.. we are still breast feeding - I don't want to give up!! I'm now at the point where it's so easy. The last thing I want to do is spend any spare time washing bottles!

Now - if we can just work out a schedule for you that would be just dandy!

May 31, 2005

Flip Flop

Not so long ago Eli you pooped just once a week... then boom (I really think it was a boom!) you poop like 5 times a day! Slow down boy. I've started you on cereal...which you just love! You are like a bottomless pit!! Maybe the cereal is having an effect on you.

You are napping right now. Your sister just whipped my butt at crazy eights. With Sara, you never have to "let her win" - at any game!!


May 30, 2005

memorial day

Beautiful spring day! Hard day with Elijah.. that boy doesn't sleep. Sure he took 3 15 minute naps - but the kid was up at 4:30 am!! He finally passed out at 7:30 tonight. I need a 3 hour napping son! A mother can day dream, right? It's a good thing, Eli, that you are so cute! You can give me that birthday gift over and over again. I will never complain about a full night's sleep.



May 27, 2005

A great gift!

Elijah - you are a great gift giver!! The gift of sleep! Eli sleep from 8pm through to 6:30 am.

Thank You! I love you, your sister and your Daddy!!


May 24, 2005

I told Sara this would happen

Well it happened... Sara leaned over and Eli, you grabbed some hair!! Sara laughed... just wait till you pull harder!

May 22, 2005


I'm not sure if I posted this here, in the blog... Elijah, you have been growing and growing. Here are some recent things you have been able to do:

height 22.5" 50%
weight 11 lbs 8.5 oz 50%

May 10th 2005
Elijah rolls over tummy to back.

May 12th 2005
Elijah rolls over back to tummy

May 17th 2005 (3 1/2 months) started eating cereal. You were ready! I couldn't believe how hungry you were for solids! Good Boy!

It was so funny, on May 12th, when you learned to roll both ways you just kept on rolling and rolling. You rolled about 7 feet!(until you reached the patio door!) The look on your face was priceless - you had this new freedom and you loved it!

May 16, 2005

breastfeeding problems

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to breastfeed.... Eli.. you love the bottle, just like your sister. I need to strickly to bf you only. About once a day now you want a bottle. Grrrr. I'm going to try to get you back on track. I hope it works. It's so hard.. some people think you should breast feed for a year.. others think "you've done your best" - you may just have a low supply. Your Dad thinks my supply is just low. I don't really believe it. I think you are just stubborn :)

Mommy xoxo

May 12, 2005

searching for normal

I'm so ready for a schedule - but it appears Eli is not. I really don't know how people do it. How do they create a schedule without listening to their little baby scream. I'm not very good at letting him "cry it out" With Sara a schedule naturally came about. But it did take a long time.
We have decided Sara will go to St. James. I really love the idea of homeschooling - but not right now. I am not ready. I'm just not that organized - or that disciplined.


April 26, 2005

My.. how you have grown!

Today, Elijah, you are 11 weeks old. Wow. You are in size 3-6 months clothes. The 0-3 mos are packed away. How can that be? Didn't I just give birth????

Once again.. Daddy and I are second guessing ourselves as to where to send your sister to school? We picked out St. James - got on the list - and she is enrolled. But homeschooling is so tempting! We are looking into it. If I do it - I will need to some structure. We are looking into I really like how it looks so far.

I Love You and your sister Sara very very very much! Hugs babe!


April 25, 2005

Explosion achieved

Eli, you poor little guy. On Saturday you had your poop! You felt much better after!! All smiles :)

April 22, 2005

You Stink!

In a few years you will be embarssed by this subject.. I'm sorry to say this, son, but you stink. It's your farting. You have been farting like crazy! And they smell toxic! Yikes! We have been waiting for you to poop - it's been since last Saturday - that's 6 days! I just pray that you are okay.
You are smiling all the time now. Your smiles turn my day around. You cry alot (for what seems like no reason) - but your beautiful smiles make up for it. The other day you were crying in your crib and I came in to see you - you then just smiled at me. Wow! Just priceless.

Thank You, Elijah, for being in my life!


April 15, 2005

one more thing

Eli, you slept for 6 hours straight last night!!! yahooooo!!!!

Spring is here!

No more snow.. spring is here!!! This is Eli's first spring - I can't wait to be able to play with him outside :)
Eli is now 2 months old.. and the cutest thing you ever saw!

March 28, 2005

Oh Sunny Day!

Could it be? Could spring be here? It's supposed to be 48 degrees today in Green Bay. Eli - You won't have to be in a snow suit for the rest of your life! What a difference a little sun in your life can make.

I got the book "Good Night, Sleep Tight" - so far so good. Easy to follow. I really want to get bette sleeping habits for both kids. So I can get some good sleep. I love my sleep!!

Took the kids out for a walk yesterday - that felt really good. Plan to do it again today.

March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Elijah.. today is your first Easter!! Too bad bad you are too young for chocolate. Sara got a "barbie" chocolate bunny. Last night you slept for 5 hours straight!! yahoooo!!
Nursing you was very difficult yesterday - Dad and I gave in and gave you a bottle last night - then you passed out and slept. It is still so tempting to bottle feed you only. But I'm not going to give up that easy. We have come so far!!


March 17, 2005

Time? what time!

I feel bad not really writing here at all since Eli was born. I am a stay at home mom - with no time. Eli loves to be held.. and nursed. I'm just impressed to still be nursing. I take it one hour at a time.

Not much is too new. We have been busy - just living - changing diapers, dishes, laundry - the fun stuff :)

Sara has been such an incredible big sister to you, Elijah. She loves to entertain you and do anything to help Mommy.

Love to you Eli!!


March 7, 2005

Bye Bye Beaner

Yes, we are still alive. Just very very busy.
Last week Eli had his tongue clipped, we re-financed the house, bought a new car, had out of town visitors and gave the dog away.
Yes, Beaner is gone. He was such a good dog. We ran out of time and space for him - it's sad. I know he is in a good home. He went to live with my friend Rena and her family that includes 4 boys! She also has a few acres so he has plenty of space to run. He will be miss by all of us.


February 25, 2005

Yes, we are still alive

Eli is 2 weeks 3 days old today.... and you would think we dropped off the face of the earth. But we are still here. All we have been doing is eating and sleeping. Eli likes to be held alot - especially in the middle of the night. It has to get easier, right? ;) He is now 8 lbs 15.5 oz - and very happy!

Signed... one very tired, but happy Mommy!!

February 15, 2005

Welcome to the world Elijah James!

So you must be wondering.... where have you been for over a week?
On Tuesday, February 8th at 10:03am Elijah James entered the world. Ever since then life for Mommy has been a bit busy. I hope to write his birth story soon!

Elijah is perfect. He basicly sleeps and eats. Sara is in love with her baby brother and loves to show him off.


February 6, 2005

Home Alone

This morning I let Daddy and Sara off to Sunday school by themselves. I felt bad about pretty much falling asleep during class last week. An hour and a half to myself this morning is wonderful. I will meet up with them for service at 10 am.

Your Mother, the nerd, is obsessed with the weather. And the past few days have been incredible!! Today is supposed to be a high of 46 - I think it hit 50 yesterday with sun! Crazy for early Feb! They are calling for snow mid this week.

The past day or so you've been easy to carry around. It's really strange - but I don't feel well - feeling really pregnant - I feel like it's all for you - that you are safe. I don't like it when you are not jumping on my bladder. I like the reminders that you are always there. Weird, eh? I just want to be sure you are safe. I guess it's just the mommy in me coming out. I worry about your health and the labor. That's just normal, I guess. I just can't wait to hold you and know that you are healthy.

Yesterday I bought a diaper genie. So we are all prepared for your stinky diapers. We are pretty much set up for your arrival. So show up already, would ya! :)


February 4, 2005

And I thought yesterday was hard.


Everyday I think - oh this is getting so uncomfortable. Then the next day comes. I forget what the last few weeks were like with Sara. I'm getting a reminder now! Energy is zapped, feet are swollen very bad, can't sleep, fear of labor, fear of being disorganized. The list goes on.

The other day I put up the bassinet in Mom and Dad's room - Sara wanted to climb in something bad. I hope your arrival is not too hard on her. I've been so tired during the day - the poor kid watches tv most of the time. She doesn't mind - but I do.

You are still kicking - but I can tell you don't have much room in there left. I really can't wait to meet you. Will you look like your Daddy? I'm assuming you will have blonde hair with blue eyes. Daddy's has brown eyes - Sara's are kind of greenish and mine are blue. Will you love to cuddle and be held?

Grandma and Papa Shaw decided to leave a few days earlier. Everyone thinks you are coming early. My doctor says that if my blood pressure goes up we might decide for you to arrive on the 11th - wow... that's next Friday! You can always come earlier if you want. The doctor says you are full term - come out whenever you are ready sweet boy.



February 1, 2005

feeling a bit overwelmed

So you would think that by not working I would be this super organized Mom - NOT! I'm just preparing you now that there will be days when we get nothing done. We will have lots of fun - but get nothing done. Everything is starting to take too much effort. I wonder where the time goes during the day. It's 2pm and Sara and I have gone grocery shopping - that's it! yikes! I have a bible study tonight - and I can't even find my work book.

Where did my brain go? I think there really is something called pregnancy brain. And I got a double dose. :)


January 30, 2005

Eat Eat Eat!


You better come out soon or else I'm going to gain 20 lbs in the last 2 weeks!! Last night Mrs DeRossi brought me a peice of triple thick chocolate cake.. yum! This morning I got up early at 5:30 to take my shower just so I could go to McDonalds BEFORE church. Yikes!! There's a sausage Mcmuffin with our name on it!!!



January 28, 2005

things are really getting uncomfortable...


Today feels different. Everything is taking way too much effort. If Sara and Jim would let me .. I think I'd sleep 20 hours a day.
I'm so ready for you to be here!



January 27, 2005

people are starting to take polls

People are starting to guess when you are going to arrive. Marcella Charles at church tonight said this Friday!! That's in 2 days... I don't think so!!!!
I think maybe just under 2 weeks? You never know - maybe you'll show up late.
Some days I'm so ready... other days I just hug Sara - life is going to turn upside down for her when you get here. She is excited - but there is no turning things back once you make your big debut.


January 25, 2005

Come on out - anytime - please!

We are very firm on your name - you are Elijah! Eli just seems to really suit you. I promise no more changing our minds. I spoke with Grandma Shaw today. We are trying to determine when her and Papa should drive down here to meet you - if you could give us a hint on your arrival - that would really help... LOL
I can feel you kicking me right now -- as I'm typing this. It's a great feeling to know that you are protected in my belly. But come on out! We all can't wait to meet you.



January 24, 2005

get used to it - your family is going to be a bit nutty

I hope you didn't take me serious about changing your name. Don't get me wrong - we love the name Dylan. However, we've been calling you Eli for so long that it kind of has stuck. Maybe we should just wait until you are born (that will be soon, right? - please! ) and see what you look like then.


January 21, 2005

Name Change

Well.. it looks like you have a new name boy. Dylan. You are going to be named after Bob Dylan. Daddy said this morning.. Dylan it is. I hope you like it.

I love you so much already....


January 20, 2005

lots and lots of snow today

Well.. your name is up in the air again. We (Mommy, Daddy & Sara) really like Dylan. Knowing me, I will call you Dill Pickle :) or Dilly Bar (which Daddy hates) It's such a tough choice.
Tomorrow I'm off for my weekend away. I just can't wait!!! It's going to be so relaxing. Plus your sister needs some Sara/Daddy time bad. She misses him so much during the day. She is not going to like getting in line for kisses for Daddy - that is going to be entertaining to watch.

I found out I'm going to have two baby showers! One before you are born.. and one a few weeks after. What fun! I just can't wait to meet you. I just know you are going to be the sweetest little boy!


January 19, 2005

Can't sleep - too pumped!

Last night I had my 36 week appt. Everything is looking good! Your heart beat is 142 bpm and your head is down. The dr is guessing around 3 more weeks!!! :) My guess.. Feb 8th.

So here is the problem - I'm starting to flip flop on your name! Two very different names. Elijah James or Dylan James. I wish I could fast forward about 20 years and get your thoughts.

I am just so pumped to meet you- it's getting really close!!

Today Sara has her gymnastics and swimming class - it's her favourite day of the week! She has really improved on her swimming. She can now swim the length of the pool by herself! She only uses the foam block. Just a few short weeks ago she would not let go of the teacher - I'm really proud of her.

Daddy has been busy busy busy! He has so much on his plate right now. Work, church, and school. Plus he is trying to find time to get things ready around here for your arrival. We are tearing apart the guest room for Sara - so then you can move into her room. Time is running out. Don't worry little one. You will spend the first few months in your Mommy & Daddy's room.

This weekend is my annual weekend away in Door Co. with the "girls" - at first I wasn't going to go - afraid that I wasn't going to feel well. But now I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing time before you arrive.


January 17, 2005

Mondays come so soon!

I'm so looking forward to getting a full night's sleep - but I know that's not going to happen for a long time. I was up 3 times last night... I'm working on about 6 hours of sleep. I'm already looking forward to my morning nap! Sara hates me taking naps.
Tomorrow I have my 36 week doctor appt. Looking forward to hearing your heart beat!
So Elijah - can you tell me when you think you are going to make your big entrance - I'm getting pretty excited about meeting you! Other friends that are having babies right now are all coming early. Will you do the same?


January 15, 2005

Saturday, January 15th 2005


Another freezing day outside. We are hoping to make it 0F today. You know it's cold outside when Beaner doesn't want to go out.

Right now I'm at Daddy's work w/ Sara. Daddy has some computer updates he needs to do so we thought we would join him. Your sister is very much a Daddy's girl - she doesn't like it when he is at work. I'm sure you will get to spend some time here too.

I'm really curious how your relationship with Sara is going to grow. Right now she thinks that having a baby brother will be "neat" - but she hasn't heard you cry yet :) Sara has said that you can be my baby but that she is going to be Daddy's. Things should get interesting.


January 14, 2005

Friday, Jan 14 2005

A blog - - why not? :)
This blog is for Elijah - my unborn son. Today I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Only 31 days left. That is, if you arrive on time.
I'm hoping you arrive a bit early - maybe 2 weeks early. There are 2 reasons for this: I can't wait to meet you. I want to see your face, to touch your face, tickle your toes, even change your diaper. I wonder if you will look like your sister Sara. Second, (this is a little more selfish) you are getting a bit uncomfortable to carry around. I joke around with Daddy that at night you pretend my bladder is a trampoline. :)

I'm sure that when you are older you will read this and say - my Mom is such a goof. I just want you to know that I think of you often - even before you were born.