December 19, 2006

Alone again.

This past week we moved you out of your sister's room and into your own room. You don't like it at all! I think you really miss Sara. You two need your own space. There are too many of Sara's "treasures" for you to get into.
Hopefully this spring I will have some time to decorate or paint your room - make it your own!

December 18, 2006

Pretty Tree

This picture was taken moments after the tree was put up. You had just gotten up from your nap. So much stuff to get into :) Elijah, you moved everything you could get your little hands into. All of the decorations are now at the top half of the tree. Needless to say, all of the gifts won't go under the tree until after you go to bed Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas little one!

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October 30, 2006

Warm Fall Day

Today we took advantage of a beautiful fall day. Crunchy leafs are great fun!!

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October 27, 2006

Hand in the pants

Sometimes we call you "the baby" - but you really are a man, in training! I caught you with your hand down your diaper. Funny boy! Posted by Picasa

October 26, 2006

oh no!

So yesterday durning your nap time I heard you cry - I thought to myself.. you must be awake and done with napping. I opened the door - and there you were walking around the room!!! Not sure why you were crying - did you bump your head as you escaped from your crib?!!

I hope this doesn't happen again for a while.... not till spring atleast. When we will try to get you into your own room again.

I love you, cutie pie. You are the sweetest, funniest boy there is!


October 6, 2006

Where did September go?

Today is October 6th. Wow.. times flies. And I'm not having much fun. Life is rushing by. Eli you are growing so fast. I'm so busy. Some days I just want to sit on the floor and play trucks with you for hours.

Today your sister had gym class with the homeschooling group. You loved being outside playing around - boy you did get muddy!
This afternoon you are taking a well needed nap. Oh how I want to join you! Sleep sounds so good right now. Sweet dreams

Simple life.. simple. I 'm so happy you are a home body. I love you darling!



August 28, 2006

poor little Eli

Life has been nuts lately.. and I feel like sometimes you have been pushed to the end of the line.

Your big 1/2 brother John moved in with us. He is 16 years old. Not only did he move in with us he took over your room. Now you share a room... a pink room with your sister Sara. You are adjusting pretty well.

Last week I started homeschooling Sara - so that is 1-2 hours a day you don't have me either.

Most of your time seems to be "in the cage" - nice name, eh? You love to get into everything you shouldn't so we must keep a very close eye on you little one.

We taught you how to head butt the other day - you think it's funny then you rub your head. You just want to be included with everyone else. I will try more often little one.

Right now you are napping - sweet dreams.

I love you!


August 2, 2006

you are moving in with who?

Elijah.. thank goodness you are small.. and don't complain much :) It appears that your big brother John may move in with us... and he wants your room. Thanks for willing to give it up to him and move in with.... Sara! She thinks it's cool you are with her. Let's see how long that lasts. 3 kids.. yikes! 1 year old, 6 year old and 16 year old. I'm tired!

July 26, 2006

International flyer

Thank God for benadryl! Elijah you slept on the plane ride to and from Toronto. You had a blast with all of your Canadian relatives. You got to see Papa and Grandma Shaw, Aunt SueAnn, Uncle Jeff, Curtis, Renee and Renata.

You and Sara were so good. I couldn't have asked for 2 better kids... honest! I know you won't remember this trip as you get older... but I have complete faith that your sister will remember every detail and remind you all the time!

July 9, 2006

Let's go on an adventure!

Today you are 17 months old!! Yeah for you. In two days you are going to take your first plane ride. We, your sister and I, are going to Canada to visit your Grandma and Papa Shaw and Aunt Sue-Ann. Because you are under 2 you fly free, as long as you stay on my lap. The question is... will that happen? I'm so happy that you have completed your harness training program!! That harness was the best $10 I've ever spent at Wally World!!

I really hope you have a good time and get spoiled rotten. I love you!


June 27, 2006

Easily Entertainable

Elijah.. sometimes you are too funny. At lunch today you had a pbj... then a yogurt. You finished about 3/4 of it and I decided that you can finish the rest with the spoon by yourself. You'd think you just won the lottery - what a blast you had. There could not have been more then 3 T of yogurt left and it was everywhere. The entertainment lasted about 15 minutes!

June 12, 2006

Elijah James "trouble" King

boy are you a handful! No matter where I put you .. you find trouble. How do you know what you are NOT supposed to get into? It amazes me how you find trouble. Today I was watering the flowers and you would not stop running towards the road. The worst part is that you were laughing while you were running. Maybe you just want me to exercise me? That must be it.
Sara is all finished with public school. Her last day was last week. We have summer break then we start home schooling. Are you going to want to learn with us? It's going to be fun having you both home full time.


June 7, 2006

Life can be hard...

Life can be hard for a 1 year old when they don't get their way! Elijah... you are darling.. but man, you sure have your moods! You can go from laughing happy to "the sky is falling" in about 10 seconds! It's almost cute. What are you going to be like when you are 2 :O!

Love you always!

May 23, 2006


Elijah.. Life with you is busy! and I'm loving it. You are the cutest thing around. Always pouring on the charm! You have learned so much in such a short periof of time. You can now point to your nose.. you can say: momma, dadda, grrr or girl (for your sister, Sara), cat, bubba. You make truck noises when you play with your cars.. you growl when you play with your tiger. You are just too cute!

I love you!!!


March 15, 2006

going going gone!

Momma went ebay crazy this past week. Sold the camcorder, digital camera, ipod and the speaker system - made over $600 on 3 year old used stuff - cool. We are getting a new digital camera tomorrow - and tonight we got a new computer.. wow. A dell - we are walking away from the imac - soon to be sold on ebay :) I wonder what kind of cool gadgets there will be when you are a teenager.
I gave you a little hairs a trim today. You look just too cute for words - and you know it!

Love you!


March 13, 2006

Life with a 1 year old is busy!

Elijah - I spend a lot of time keeping busy doing.. well - not much! You are one busy boy. Making messes - that's your job. Keeping up with you is my full time job! It's unbelievable how much energy you have. I can't wait till you take a nap so I can have one too! :) Last week you started a class at the YMCA called "first gym" you and 4 other wild 1 year olds. Its really sweet to see you with others your age. Your latest passion has been books - which makes me very happy. You love to "read" by yourself and you are starting to let me read to you (for about 30 seconds) Right now your favourites are brown bear and find the duck I was so excited yesterday when I asked you to show me the duck on the page and you pointed to it! Another thing you've been doing recently is learning to shake your head no. You don't know what it means yet - but I think you realize it has a lot of power. :) I can tell that things are just going to get more exciting as time goes on.

I love you!


February 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Wow.. you are now ONE! We had a small family gathering for you. Grandma Shaw flew to Green Bay just for YOUR birthday!! It was an exciting day filled with ballons, toys, spaghetti (your favourite supper) and, of course, chocolate birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Son - I love you!



January 31, 2006

Fresh Snow

You are growing so fast! Doing new things everyday. You love to brush your 2 bottom teeth. You love to climb your little slide. Yesterday we went outside to enjoy some fresh snow. It's amazing to see that sparkle in your eye when you experience something new.

Love Mom

January 25, 2006

Oh the things you get into....

As I prepared for my first weekend away since you were born I cleaned out the cupboard where I keep my scrapbooks. (I went away on a retreat last weekend - heavenly!) Once the cupboard was empty you just had to go into it - for probably no other reason then to see what was inside. You can't walk yet (should be soon though) but you get into more trouble then your sister ever did. Just remember, Elijah, a cat may have 9 lives, but you don't!

I love you - you little stinker!


January 4, 2006

Eli needs a good nights sleep!

I have no idea what your issue was today.. but, man - you were grumpy! Normally you can entertain yourself for 10 mins here or there.. but today - no way! Not only did you want your Mommy, you wanted to climb on me. By 6:20pm you had your bath and you are in bed!

Right now no food makes you happy. I have offered you so much in your high chair and you aren't buying it. Maybe you are teething?

Here's hoping you have a restless sleep tonight :)

I love you pumpkin!