December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning - This morning you woke up at 6:45 thinking today was going to be like any other morning. Today Eli is special. Today we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. However, you are 2 years old - and a need for a saviour is a hard, impossible concept for you. Some day, my son.
During Christmas we also share presents to each other. Like any typical 2 year old American there was no lack of gifts under the tree. The first gift you opened may as well have been your last - once you saw the "power ranger" your Christmas dreams had been achieved! But wait - there was another power ranger to come (from big brother John). The clothes, kitchen toys, dvd - it could all go back. You got your power ranger. It's not about the amount of money you spend, the number of gifts you get - it's getting that special gift that makes all the difference. That's what the gift of Jesus is all about - that one special gift.

I love you Eli - Merry Christmas!


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December 18, 2007

Fighting and Whinning

Eli - have I mentioned that you are two years old? You whine too much. Lately - there isn't much that makes you happy. I continually tell myself that it is not my job to make you happy and that you are just two and you will live to see three.
Your speech has really improved. It's amazing - almost daily you add a new word. The other day you said the road was bumpy. The lastest phase is "what's that?" too cute.
I can't wait till next week - Tuesday will be Christmas day - you and Sara are going to be extra crazy that day - but that's what's it about, eh?

Love you - (even though you whine too much!) Love, Mommy

November 12, 2007

Fun with the leaves! Today we went outside to pretend to rake the leaves. I ended up making a big pile for you, Sara and I to jump in. What fun! You are a pretty flexible kid. You go with the flow, and just want to be around others. Lately you are having strong feelings when you want something. When you see something you want - you yell "ahh - me, ahh - me!" stating, that's for you! What a cutie you are. I love you "Ei" (you no longer call your self "me" you now call yourself "Ei") Love, Mommy.
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October 30, 2007

I'm terrible! I haven't written since June! Yikes. What a busy summer you had Elijah. I think the best time for you was our trip to Canada. We hung out with "auntie row row" (Aunt Sue-Ann - she was captain of the boat), Kurt (cousin Curtis), nene (cousin Renee) and fishman (Uncle Jeff). You loved riding in the boat... loved it so much you fell asleep in it most of the time.

A lot of the summer was playing outside - using the sprinkler.

Potty training has been put to a hault. You no longer appear interested. Hopefully I will make this a priority soon.

We now know you love to sing and dance. Today you sang twinkle twinkle to us - WAY to cute.

Love you Eli!


June 25, 2007

Potty time?

Okay.. I'm bad.. so bad. I have no idea how long it's been since I last wrote on this blog! Yikes. I know a few months ago my pc was ill so I went back to using the mac. I know it's terrible.. but after all of these years I'm liking the pc again. Blogger works so well with picasa (my pictures)

Well.. here is my big boy Eli on the potty! Yikes! On Sunday Eli was in the nursury at church and they asked him if he had to go potty.. he said yes. (he didn't have a clue what he was saying to!) Ever since then.. I ask him - he says yes.. so I put him on the potty. Grant you he hasn't done anything special on the potty yet. All in good time.

Eli is now 27 months old! Wow! Tomorrow we start speech therapy for him. He was elvaluated at a 15 month old. The good news is .. he 100% "normal" in every other way.

Eli - you are such a loving boy. Always giving out free hugs and kisses. Always wants to be around people and do whatever they are doing.

This week your sister is at Lake Lundgren bible camp. I know you will miss your "yeah- yeah" like crazy!

I promise to write again this summer! Someday you will want to read all of these :)

Love you sweetie,

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March 3, 2007

My little midget boy can't play!

Over the past week we have gotten about 16 inches of snow... you are 28 inches tall... you do the math! You want to play outside so bad... I understand. Everytime someone gets their coat on you run for your boots and coat. Too cute you are.

You vocab has improved, slightly over the past few weeks. You can now say "baby" - but not on demand! There are some different sounds coming out of you now. I can tell that you will be talking in no time. I'm not worried that you don't say much. If you want something you have no problems communicating with us. You have no problem taking us by the hand and leading us to what you want.

Last Sunday we tried you in Sunday school. SS starts at 830 and service is at 10. You had fun during Sunday school... but by the time service was going to begin and we put you in the nursery you were done... you had had enough of playing with others. I understand. We all value our alone time. :)

I love you Elijah - you make my life full of joy. You are a busy boy. Always exploring. Always trying to figure out how things work. You love to be with Mom, Dad, Sara or John at all nights. I like that.

Love you! Big Kiss,


February 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

Yesterday you turned 2! What a fun day you had with your favs for supper. Pasta then birthday cake followed by presents. Earlier in the day we took you for your annual doctor's visit. You now weigh 28 huggable lbs! When the nurse asked you to get on the big boy scale you decided to sit down rather then stand - too cute. I love you cutie pie!

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January 28, 2007

So that's what you've been saying!

Yaya.... that's what you call your big sister Sara. I repeated to you last night and I could see the lightbulb going off.... I knew you were thinking.. "well it's about time you figured that one out" ;)


That's all I ask for.. 10%.. 10% of your energy! You jump, run, hop, bounce - you are a ball of engery, Eli. You currently have two emotions - happy or angry. You are happy when you experience something new. You are angry when you don't get what you want. Anger for you means throwing things - throwing sippy cups and your food are your top 2 favs. However, you are learning.. I don't take THAT crap. Time outs - you don't like them.

Recently Daddy and I regret selling our old video camera. I can't begin to describe the cutest thing you do without one. We ask you if it's time to go to sleep and you lay back (eyes open) and start to snore. You lay perfectly still - it's the funniest thing. When I open the van door to take you out of your car seat you pretend to be sleeping.. eyes wide open .. snoring. Then you laugh - like you tricked me. You goof :)

You still aren't talking much.... let me correct that... you say alot .. we just don't have a clue what you are saying. You use your hands a lot when talking. Are you Italian? We can tell by the different tones that you are very serious - we just don't have a clue. The words you can say are: Momma (used most of the time), Dada, apple, choo-choo, shhh (you put your figure to your lips... really cute!), on (for John) and some version of Sara. (kind of like ara.. but we aren't 100%)

You love to eat - your current obession is fruit snacks... you grunt at me and point to the cupboard. I limit you to one package a day. The cool part is you put the empty wrapper in the garbage now without being asked. Yeah! You love yogurt, pasta, cheerios, bananas, apples, mac n' cheese, rice, mashed potatoes, chicken, pancakes, brocolli, string cheese - there hasn't been too much yet that you atleast won't try.

I love you sweet boy - I love your desire for hugs and the sound effects of your wet kisses!


January 6, 2007

My little Helper!

Sweet Elijah... You will be 2 years old next month. And yes, you still use a bottle. This past week, however, you no longer use a bottle at bedtime! Yeah for you! You are doing so awesome. Mom & Dad are very proud. In another week or so we will take the night time one away too - we hope!

You are getting so big! You are now able to open the fridge by yourself. The other day you brought a yogurt for me to open for you. Too cute - you even closed the fridge door. You love to close doors. You close your bedroom door - then get upset that you can't get out. You close the door on the dryer in the laudry room. You also now bring the forks to the kitchen table to set the table. You just want to be involved with what everyone else is doing. I even let you do the dishes the other day. My kitchen floor was like a lake by the time you were done! Notice how I had to take your shirt off!
I love you!

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January 1, 2007

Merry Christmas Elijah! You had a fun Christmas morning. Nothing can be more fun then tearing paper off a box.... well.. unless you are tearing paper off your sister's boxes! You loved all your toys. May God bless in 2007! Love, Mommy Posted by Picasa