May 31, 2005

Flip Flop

Not so long ago Eli you pooped just once a week... then boom (I really think it was a boom!) you poop like 5 times a day! Slow down boy. I've started you on cereal...which you just love! You are like a bottomless pit!! Maybe the cereal is having an effect on you.

You are napping right now. Your sister just whipped my butt at crazy eights. With Sara, you never have to "let her win" - at any game!!


May 30, 2005

memorial day

Beautiful spring day! Hard day with Elijah.. that boy doesn't sleep. Sure he took 3 15 minute naps - but the kid was up at 4:30 am!! He finally passed out at 7:30 tonight. I need a 3 hour napping son! A mother can day dream, right? It's a good thing, Eli, that you are so cute! You can give me that birthday gift over and over again. I will never complain about a full night's sleep.



May 27, 2005

A great gift!

Elijah - you are a great gift giver!! The gift of sleep! Eli sleep from 8pm through to 6:30 am.

Thank You! I love you, your sister and your Daddy!!


May 24, 2005

I told Sara this would happen

Well it happened... Sara leaned over and Eli, you grabbed some hair!! Sara laughed... just wait till you pull harder!

May 22, 2005


I'm not sure if I posted this here, in the blog... Elijah, you have been growing and growing. Here are some recent things you have been able to do:

height 22.5" 50%
weight 11 lbs 8.5 oz 50%

May 10th 2005
Elijah rolls over tummy to back.

May 12th 2005
Elijah rolls over back to tummy

May 17th 2005 (3 1/2 months) started eating cereal. You were ready! I couldn't believe how hungry you were for solids! Good Boy!

It was so funny, on May 12th, when you learned to roll both ways you just kept on rolling and rolling. You rolled about 7 feet!(until you reached the patio door!) The look on your face was priceless - you had this new freedom and you loved it!

May 16, 2005

breastfeeding problems

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to breastfeed.... Eli.. you love the bottle, just like your sister. I need to strickly to bf you only. About once a day now you want a bottle. Grrrr. I'm going to try to get you back on track. I hope it works. It's so hard.. some people think you should breast feed for a year.. others think "you've done your best" - you may just have a low supply. Your Dad thinks my supply is just low. I don't really believe it. I think you are just stubborn :)

Mommy xoxo

May 12, 2005

searching for normal

I'm so ready for a schedule - but it appears Eli is not. I really don't know how people do it. How do they create a schedule without listening to their little baby scream. I'm not very good at letting him "cry it out" With Sara a schedule naturally came about. But it did take a long time.
We have decided Sara will go to St. James. I really love the idea of homeschooling - but not right now. I am not ready. I'm just not that organized - or that disciplined.