March 3, 2007

My little midget boy can't play!

Over the past week we have gotten about 16 inches of snow... you are 28 inches tall... you do the math! You want to play outside so bad... I understand. Everytime someone gets their coat on you run for your boots and coat. Too cute you are.

You vocab has improved, slightly over the past few weeks. You can now say "baby" - but not on demand! There are some different sounds coming out of you now. I can tell that you will be talking in no time. I'm not worried that you don't say much. If you want something you have no problems communicating with us. You have no problem taking us by the hand and leading us to what you want.

Last Sunday we tried you in Sunday school. SS starts at 830 and service is at 10. You had fun during Sunday school... but by the time service was going to begin and we put you in the nursery you were done... you had had enough of playing with others. I understand. We all value our alone time. :)

I love you Elijah - you make my life full of joy. You are a busy boy. Always exploring. Always trying to figure out how things work. You love to be with Mom, Dad, Sara or John at all nights. I like that.

Love you! Big Kiss,