June 24, 2008


When you woke up this morning (by the way - you are still in a crib - you are 3 1/2!) you said the most odd thing. "There's ice in my butt!" (with nose wrinkled up) I replied: "ice in your... butt?" Assuming you were speaking nonsense I promptly ignored the silly comment.

Right away I took you to the bathroom so you could do your thing. (You are potty trained during the day - but not at night yet) I took off your diaper and it had exploded! The insides are this gel like stuff that had exploded out the ends. Funny - it looked a lot like ice. Ahhhhhh... ice in your butt - I get it now :)

For a 3 year old, Eli, you are pretty smart!

June 23, 2008

Accessories for the bathroom

I got this inexpensive frame at "Wally World" for $3. I hoping to find more black frames this summer at garage sales.

By simply changing the mat from plain white to adding paper that I got at the scrapbooking store it gives this frame a great custom look!

This frame hangs in my newly painted bathroom. I got lots more groovy paper - need more projects! My guess is these photos of Sara and Eli are not going to be cherished by them in 5 years time.

June 21, 2008


It's time to start writing down more the adorable things you say. Yesterday, while barefoot, you said your feet felt hairy! "I don't like hairy feet," you said. It's so easy to make me smile sometimes.
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June 20, 2008

Would this count?

Eli.. with rising gas and food prices Mom has found a new hobby... being frugal.. or at least tempting to be frugal. Yesterday was "kind of" my first (of hopefully many to come) zero spending days.
(When I was about 20 I read an article in the Toronto Star about a woman that been having zero garbage days for years - I thought that was amazing. So the same principal applies)
Yesterday I was doing really well. I didn't use my debit card at all! However, I did use the change in my wallet. Sara and I returned some movies to Family Video down the street. Family Video offers free rentals if you get A's on your report card. Yeah! I like free. You got 5 free movies! (of course redeemable one at a time) Your movie was due back tonight or I could pay an extra 25 cents and you could keep it for 5 times. Once again I was easily tempted at such a deal. I reached for my quarter and Sara walked out a happy "A" student.
This is as close as I've ever been to a zero spending day - so I'm going to count it as one :)

June 18, 2008

Coloring with our new chunky crayons
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Today we got to check off an summer check list item for Sara: Make a craft with Mom. We make chunky crayons. Eli, you even got in on the craft!
First we had to take the paper off our old broken crayons. We got out our hardly ever used mini muffin tin - spray with non stick spray. We cooked the crayons at 275 degrees for 7 minutes. Give them a little stir with a toothpick then let cool. These turned out awesome. And the best part - it was free!

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I love this photo! I caught my kids reading - yahooooo! This summer we enrolled Sara in the reading program at church. She gets so many points for each book she reads. At the end of the summer she can redeem her points for cool prizes. (and that is why she is really in the program.) With you, Eli, it's always monkey see, monkey do. So I'm encouraging Sara to read lots :)
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The past few days I've been hooked on other people's blogs - it's like a spider web - you go from one to another and before you know it you have 26 tabs open and your kids are hungry (which seems like every 20 minutes, anyhow)

I've been into the frugal - homemaking sites. You know, sites with cool ideas of things to do for no cost! Here is what we are going to do today... chunky crayons! Neat, eh? Hopefully I'll post some photos too!

June 10, 2008

and summer begins...

Yesterday was Sara's last day at school - wow, she will be a 3rd grader come September! Today was a long day - lots of fighting between you and your sister. It drives me crazy - and I probably yell a bit too much. Any suggestions? I need to find some me time so that way I enjoy my time with the two of you.

I've been on a frugal kick lately - well trying to be frugal. It's hard - temptations are all around me. For example - I got you and Sara an ice-cream cone at the local ice cream shoppe $1.60 for each cone. At least you both ate it all and it didn't fall on the ground - that's a good thing, right? I need to set myself a challenge - zero spending days. Try to strive for 3 a week... hmmm. By the way - gas is currently $3.94/gallon - I'm curious if you will read this 20 years from now and shocked by the fact that it was cheap or that we will still using gasoline :)

On the potty training side things are going awesome. You really are doing awesome. You don't say you have to go potty - everytime you say you have to go "poo" I know for sure you have to go poo when you asked me to leave the bathroom. Even going potty you are still cute!

I need to write down more often the funny things you say. On Saturday we had a bbq with some friends over from New Hope. You and the other kids had a water gun fight. When you ran out of water you said "my water gun is thirsty, Mom!"

Happy summer sweetie - I hope it's filled with great memories!