March 15, 2006

going going gone!

Momma went ebay crazy this past week. Sold the camcorder, digital camera, ipod and the speaker system - made over $600 on 3 year old used stuff - cool. We are getting a new digital camera tomorrow - and tonight we got a new computer.. wow. A dell - we are walking away from the imac - soon to be sold on ebay :) I wonder what kind of cool gadgets there will be when you are a teenager.
I gave you a little hairs a trim today. You look just too cute for words - and you know it!

Love you!


March 13, 2006

Life with a 1 year old is busy!

Elijah - I spend a lot of time keeping busy doing.. well - not much! You are one busy boy. Making messes - that's your job. Keeping up with you is my full time job! It's unbelievable how much energy you have. I can't wait till you take a nap so I can have one too! :) Last week you started a class at the YMCA called "first gym" you and 4 other wild 1 year olds. Its really sweet to see you with others your age. Your latest passion has been books - which makes me very happy. You love to "read" by yourself and you are starting to let me read to you (for about 30 seconds) Right now your favourites are brown bear and find the duck I was so excited yesterday when I asked you to show me the duck on the page and you pointed to it! Another thing you've been doing recently is learning to shake your head no. You don't know what it means yet - but I think you realize it has a lot of power. :) I can tell that things are just going to get more exciting as time goes on.

I love you!