September 22, 2005

Late September - Hurricane season

We are at the peak of hurrican season.. and there have been some good ones this year! The big news was Katrina - now Rita is right on her heels, heading just west of where Katrina landed.
Mom is just waiting for a big storm to be named after her! Dana - it's the perfect name for a storm. It's at the beginning of the alphabet and it's unisex - perfect. Instead they have scheduled Daniel and Danny - isn't that the same name!??

Elijah - I just love extreme weather!
Last Tuesday during a good storm here one of our trees got hit by lightning - I know.. kind of scary - but at the same time- how cool! I love it when God shows his power!


September 9, 2005

Friday morning..

Not much to say.. but I feel I should post so you don't think I've dropped off the face of the planet. Sara is really loving school. However, she is tired - last night she fell asleep at 6:30 - and didn't wake up until 6 am!
Elijah, being at home with just you is fun. You are a fun kid! You love to play with your toys and crawl around. You love to explore.

Tonight I have to work - I got a part time job at Shopko Express (Sara calls it baby shopko) - I only work 10-12 hours a week - it's nice to get out of the house - and make money, rather then spend it.

I love you baby boy!


September 2, 2005

Elijah misses big sister

Well.. your sister has started school! You are not even 7 months old yet and you missed her. I swear, you were looking around for her. Sara missed you too. I'm happy you two are so close.. I hope it's always that way :)

... and to think I was complaining before....

gas today.. $3.25 a gallon!