September 29, 2008

Should we Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas has become so far removed from Christ that it makes me wonder how should we celebrate it - or should we even celebrate it?

I know what you are thinking - of course we should celebrate Christmas! But should we? I know this post will go against the grain for a lot of Christians.

But read on...

I believe we should always go to our bible when we have questions of how to live our lives. I believe God's written word provides us with everything we need to live a life that glorifies Him and allows us to enjoy Him forever.

My question is: Where in the bible does it tell us to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

There is no mention in the bible to celebrate His birth. (correct me if I'm wrong here) However there is mention in the bible to celebrate his death. Jesus says in Luke 22:19b This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me. Jesus requires us to celebrate what He did for us - dying on the cross. We do this during The Lords Supper.

So the bible does not answer me - How should I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ - or should I at all?

I'm pretty sure the Lord doesn't want me to study the toy wish book from various retailers. I know he doesn't want me to go into debt buying the latest toys for my children, but does He not desire praise from us for the wonderful awesome gift of His Son? Does He want us to celebrate Christmas?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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