May 23, 2008

Time to adjust the blog..

Eli, I think your mother needs an attitude adjustment. I've read back through some of my entries and it reads like you are a nasty kid. This is so untrue! You are a great loving boy - with a mother of very little patience!
I'm thinking it's time for preschool for you. On Tuesday we are going to look at St. John's preschool. I think you are ready. The best news is that you have to be potty trained - and I can truthfully say you are!
On the food front I think things are starting to maybe, possibly, get better. Yesterday, after begging for 30 minutes for apple juice, you caved - and submitted to water. Then your cute little face said "I like water" you little weasel.

Love you Elijah! Mommy

May 15, 2008

Change is hard when you are 3

It's 5:47am.. and you have been up for over 1 hour. At 4:40 you asked for a sippy cup (you always go to bed with one) For the first time I said no. No is a powerful word for a 3 year old. You probably think I'm pretty mean right now - but trust me I get no joy from this!

For the past few months you have controlled your eating schedule - I'm taking it back. I got on that slipply slope - a dangerous place to be. At the bottom of the slope I ended up begging you to eat anything just so I didn't feel like I was starving you. I now know that if you miss dinner, by your choice, that you can also miss snack, by my choice and wait until breakfast - without an extra sippy cup.

Motherhood, at times like these, is hard. You know inside your devious head that all I want to do is spoil you and you have taken advantage of that. I love you Eli. Tough love sucks.