January 30, 2005

Eat Eat Eat!


You better come out soon or else I'm going to gain 20 lbs in the last 2 weeks!! Last night Mrs DeRossi brought me a peice of triple thick chocolate cake.. yum! This morning I got up early at 5:30 to take my shower just so I could go to McDonalds BEFORE church. Yikes!! There's a sausage Mcmuffin with our name on it!!!



January 28, 2005

things are really getting uncomfortable...


Today feels different. Everything is taking way too much effort. If Sara and Jim would let me .. I think I'd sleep 20 hours a day.
I'm so ready for you to be here!



January 27, 2005

people are starting to take polls

People are starting to guess when you are going to arrive. Marcella Charles at church tonight said this Friday!! That's in 2 days... I don't think so!!!!
I think maybe just under 2 weeks? You never know - maybe you'll show up late.
Some days I'm so ready... other days I just hug Sara - life is going to turn upside down for her when you get here. She is excited - but there is no turning things back once you make your big debut.


January 25, 2005

Come on out - anytime - please!

We are very firm on your name - you are Elijah! Eli just seems to really suit you. I promise no more changing our minds. I spoke with Grandma Shaw today. We are trying to determine when her and Papa should drive down here to meet you - if you could give us a hint on your arrival - that would really help... LOL
I can feel you kicking me right now -- as I'm typing this. It's a great feeling to know that you are protected in my belly. But come on out! We all can't wait to meet you.



January 24, 2005

get used to it - your family is going to be a bit nutty

I hope you didn't take me serious about changing your name. Don't get me wrong - we love the name Dylan. However, we've been calling you Eli for so long that it kind of has stuck. Maybe we should just wait until you are born (that will be soon, right? - please! ) and see what you look like then.


January 21, 2005

Name Change

Well.. it looks like you have a new name boy. Dylan. You are going to be named after Bob Dylan. Daddy said this morning.. Dylan it is. I hope you like it.

I love you so much already....


January 20, 2005

lots and lots of snow today

Well.. your name is up in the air again. We (Mommy, Daddy & Sara) really like Dylan. Knowing me, I will call you Dill Pickle :) or Dilly Bar (which Daddy hates) It's such a tough choice.
Tomorrow I'm off for my weekend away. I just can't wait!!! It's going to be so relaxing. Plus your sister needs some Sara/Daddy time bad. She misses him so much during the day. She is not going to like getting in line for kisses for Daddy - that is going to be entertaining to watch.

I found out I'm going to have two baby showers! One before you are born.. and one a few weeks after. What fun! I just can't wait to meet you. I just know you are going to be the sweetest little boy!


January 19, 2005

Can't sleep - too pumped!

Last night I had my 36 week appt. Everything is looking good! Your heart beat is 142 bpm and your head is down. The dr is guessing around 3 more weeks!!! :) My guess.. Feb 8th.

So here is the problem - I'm starting to flip flop on your name! Two very different names. Elijah James or Dylan James. I wish I could fast forward about 20 years and get your thoughts.

I am just so pumped to meet you- it's getting really close!!

Today Sara has her gymnastics and swimming class - it's her favourite day of the week! She has really improved on her swimming. She can now swim the length of the pool by herself! She only uses the foam block. Just a few short weeks ago she would not let go of the teacher - I'm really proud of her.

Daddy has been busy busy busy! He has so much on his plate right now. Work, church, and school. Plus he is trying to find time to get things ready around here for your arrival. We are tearing apart the guest room for Sara - so then you can move into her room. Time is running out. Don't worry little one. You will spend the first few months in your Mommy & Daddy's room.

This weekend is my annual weekend away in Door Co. with the "girls" - at first I wasn't going to go - afraid that I wasn't going to feel well. But now I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing time before you arrive.


January 17, 2005

Mondays come so soon!

I'm so looking forward to getting a full night's sleep - but I know that's not going to happen for a long time. I was up 3 times last night... I'm working on about 6 hours of sleep. I'm already looking forward to my morning nap! Sara hates me taking naps.
Tomorrow I have my 36 week doctor appt. Looking forward to hearing your heart beat!
So Elijah - can you tell me when you think you are going to make your big entrance - I'm getting pretty excited about meeting you! Other friends that are having babies right now are all coming early. Will you do the same?


January 15, 2005

Saturday, January 15th 2005


Another freezing day outside. We are hoping to make it 0F today. You know it's cold outside when Beaner doesn't want to go out.

Right now I'm at Daddy's work w/ Sara. Daddy has some computer updates he needs to do so we thought we would join him. Your sister is very much a Daddy's girl - she doesn't like it when he is at work. I'm sure you will get to spend some time here too.

I'm really curious how your relationship with Sara is going to grow. Right now she thinks that having a baby brother will be "neat" - but she hasn't heard you cry yet :) Sara has said that you can be my baby but that she is going to be Daddy's. Things should get interesting.


January 14, 2005

Friday, Jan 14 2005

A blog - - why not? :)
This blog is for Elijah - my unborn son. Today I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Only 31 days left. That is, if you arrive on time.
I'm hoping you arrive a bit early - maybe 2 weeks early. There are 2 reasons for this: I can't wait to meet you. I want to see your face, to touch your face, tickle your toes, even change your diaper. I wonder if you will look like your sister Sara. Second, (this is a little more selfish) you are getting a bit uncomfortable to carry around. I joke around with Daddy that at night you pretend my bladder is a trampoline. :)

I'm sure that when you are older you will read this and say - my Mom is such a goof. I just want you to know that I think of you often - even before you were born.