October 2, 2013

US Government Shutdown: It really does affect all of us.

I generally don't get too involved in US politics.  Sure, I have my opinion but in general I think most politicians are greedy and slimy.

Yesterday all the news was about the recent US Government Shutdown.  I pretty much put my head in the sand and didn't think it would affect me or my family.

Recently, Eli got a book from the library about earth quakes.  It has become his latest obsession - how to prepare and survive an earth quake.  I'm thrilled by this obsession (it's much better than Pokemon), I love studying weather so this is something we can study together.  We watched this video about preparing for an earth quake in Japan.  (Eli still loves Japan)  I then wanted to show Eli that the earth is constantly shifting, that there are quakes daily.  Next step we traveled here:   http://earthquake.usgs.gov  and saw this:

Oh crap, I guess the shut down has affected us. 

Are there government programs that have affected you?  Please share in the comments.

Disclaimer:  I know this is extremely minor compared to many other Americans.  When the gov't is up and running again be sure to visit earthquake.usgs.gov - it's great to see live earth quake activity!

August 14, 2013

Eli the Fish

Eli passed his swim test.. he is now officially a YMCA Fish!  

August 12, 2013

How the NFL helps teach Geography

Eli and I are trying to get a head start on Grade 3.  Every day we do some worksheets from our Third Grade Essentials book.

Task: If a state is west of your state, color it yellow.

Eli's Answer:  That's easy - that's the Minnesota Vikings.

August 8, 2013

4 Goals for August

Recently I left my job for various reasons. Since I have some time on my hands I decided I had some to focus on some goals. In random order...

 1. No Fast Food for August. Sure for some of you you may think, "big deal". For my family, this is going to be a very big deal! I will look back in the month of July and tell you how much $$ we have spent - I'm ashamed to figure it out. There are 2 simple reasons for this goal - save money & eat healthier.

So what is Fast Food was the first question we had to ask ourselves. At first I was thinking any place with a drive thru. Then a friend pointed out that Five Guys doesn't have a drive thru. Plan B - The King family has determined that any restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol will now be considered "Fast Food".
 As we are driving through town Eli now gazes out his window asking us, "Does that place serve alcohol?" 

2. Exercise More!  Really, I have no excuses that could even be thought of as worthy.  I don't work, I have a gym membership.  I have a trainer.  I have a dog that needs walking. Every day I must move my lazy ass.

3. Reduce Grocery Spending.  I am ashamed to admit how much how grocery budget is. (Let's not mention how often I go over it)  $1264 per month.  I know - crazy.  This includes all food - grocery stores and eating out.  Well if I achieve goal #1 goal #3 should be easier, right?  I found this image from the USDA and my food budget actually falls under a category.  (Yeah, I'm not the only out of control, disorganized Mom!)  I'm on the Liberal Plan.  I think it would be cool to reach the Moderate plan (say by the end of the year.. let's not go crazy here)

Which column does your family fall under?

4. My list of goals for August would not be complete with out a weight loss goal. Seriously - if I can do the first 3, #4 should be easy, right? 10 lbs loss.. that's the goal. I started at .. wait for it... drum roll.. 240.1 lbs. There it's out!

Do you set goals for yourself?
I don't always meet mine, but I find they keep me focused.

July 2, 2013

Best Voice Mail Ever

This voice mail is from William, Eli's best friend. Happy Canada Day!