October 3, 2012

1.77 Miles

Today is National Walk or Bike your Child to School Day.  Eli normally takes the bus but I thought - if the weather is good then we should join in the fun!

Not knowing Eli's walking pace for a distance over 1 mile I figured it would take us about 45 minutes.  Turns out the kid can keep up with me - easily.  Keep in my mind I'm only 5'0" tall - so it's not that much of an achievement.  We decided to bring our dog, Penny, with us.  Turns out that may not of been the best idea.  I'm not sure if dogs are allowed on school property.  My guess is probably not.

Most of our walk was safe with side walks but the portion close to our house has a busy road where cars go about 45mph and there is no curb or shoulder.

Along the way to go to see some turkeys!

We had the chance to see some of the beautiful fall colors.

The weather was a little foggy and the grass was very wet.  We discovered this as we decided to take a short cut through Bay Port High School.

Eli was unsure if we allowed to make this short cut.  Eli, my rule follower.

Our conversations were similar to our bus stop talks - obscure, yet entertaining.  We got a chance to see a lot of school buses.  Eli was obsessed with trying to find his to wave to his bus driver and friends.  Eli was upset to see litter on the high school property, he said it was bad for the environment.  About 3/4 of the way there Eli asked if I could carry his pack back.

We arrived at our destination early - about 15 mins early!  Once we arrived the attention went off of our walk and onto "Oh what a cute dog you have!" from all of Eli's friends.  I mentioned to Eli that having a dog would be a great way to meet new girls.  He just gave me that innocent Eli smile, implying he didn't need a dog to meet girls.

Have a great day at school, Eli!

One the way home Penny and I found evidence of more turkeys.