January 31, 2006

Fresh Snow

You are growing so fast! Doing new things everyday. You love to brush your 2 bottom teeth. You love to climb your little slide. Yesterday we went outside to enjoy some fresh snow. It's amazing to see that sparkle in your eye when you experience something new.

Love Mom

January 25, 2006

Oh the things you get into....

As I prepared for my first weekend away since you were born I cleaned out the cupboard where I keep my scrapbooks. (I went away on a retreat last weekend - heavenly!) Once the cupboard was empty you just had to go into it - for probably no other reason then to see what was inside. You can't walk yet (should be soon though) but you get into more trouble then your sister ever did. Just remember, Elijah, a cat may have 9 lives, but you don't!

I love you - you little stinker!


January 4, 2006

Eli needs a good nights sleep!

I have no idea what your issue was today.. but, man - you were grumpy! Normally you can entertain yourself for 10 mins here or there.. but today - no way! Not only did you want your Mommy, you wanted to climb on me. By 6:20pm you had your bath and you are in bed!

Right now no food makes you happy. I have offered you so much in your high chair and you aren't buying it. Maybe you are teething?

Here's hoping you have a restless sleep tonight :)

I love you pumpkin!