October 13, 2008

Every decade they Grow!

Q. What gets bigger every 10 years?

A. The average size of an American closet!

Back in the 1950's through the early 70's many homes had closets like this one. Single door, closet rod with a shelf on top. In the house I grew up in - this was exactly my closet. I thought it was the perfect size.

When I moved out on my own in the late 80's I got a big closet! Bi-fold doors. Lots of room to keep my seasonal items and shoes and purses!

For some reason in the 1990's we decided that husband and wives clothes couldn't touch. Thus the invention of the his and hers closets. The funny part is - the man probably never used up all of his space.

Through out the 90's walk in closets help sell homes. I had an apartment once that had one of these. My cat thought she finally got her own room!

And finally - the mecca of all closets isn't a closet at all! It's a Dressing Room! These rooms are bigger then my living room! Do we not see the excess our closets have become?!

With all the talk of the economy this past week I find it hard not to observe that as our closet size increases so does our National Debt. Coincidence?

How big is your closet? How big is your debt?


Anonymous said...

This was a fun post to read, Dana. As much as I agree with you, when I saw the picture of the final closet, I thought, "ooh pretty!" My husband and I share a closet.

letterstoelijah said...

Rachel.. I know! The last one is beautiful! But it's too much. I can appreciate beautiful workmanship - but it doesn't mean that I need it in my home.

Anonymous said...

good questions to pose together!

Nancy said...

Love the last closet image you posted but who really needs all that? Hubby and I share a closet w/bi-fold doors. It works just fine, although a walk-in closet is my dream (but it won't be as fancy as this one).

Sharon said...

Ah, I would LOVE that last closet....guess that defeats the point of your post though....It just looked so organized! It was fun to see the different size closets...

Anonymous said...

My closet - very, very small.

My debt - astronomical.

Milissa said...

Interesting post! I read somewhere that most people only wear 20% of their clothes anyway. Seems like such a waste, huh?