August 10, 2011

Shopping for an Invisible Fence

Sara: I think it would be great to get an invisible fence for Penny. That way she could be outside with us all the time.

Eli: But how in the world would we find one in the store to buy? Duh!

August 7, 2011

Packer Family Night

Saturday Night was Eli's first "Packer's Game" - it's not really a game (who can afford the tickets! - or get them!) Family Night is basically a practice with other fun events for families. Needless to say the whole family was excited to go!

Leading up the event Eli was somewhat confused as to what was going to happen at family night. He said, "how are we going to run and they are going to play?" You see, the only time Eli has ever been to Lambeau Field is for running events. (to
watch me run or for him to run his own races - 1k Cellcom) I guess it's better for him to associate Lambeau with running rather then beer, right?

Eli, are you ready for some FOOTBALL?