August 28, 2006

poor little Eli

Life has been nuts lately.. and I feel like sometimes you have been pushed to the end of the line.

Your big 1/2 brother John moved in with us. He is 16 years old. Not only did he move in with us he took over your room. Now you share a room... a pink room with your sister Sara. You are adjusting pretty well.

Last week I started homeschooling Sara - so that is 1-2 hours a day you don't have me either.

Most of your time seems to be "in the cage" - nice name, eh? You love to get into everything you shouldn't so we must keep a very close eye on you little one.

We taught you how to head butt the other day - you think it's funny then you rub your head. You just want to be included with everyone else. I will try more often little one.

Right now you are napping - sweet dreams.

I love you!


August 2, 2006

you are moving in with who?

Elijah.. thank goodness you are small.. and don't complain much :) It appears that your big brother John may move in with us... and he wants your room. Thanks for willing to give it up to him and move in with.... Sara! She thinks it's cool you are with her. Let's see how long that lasts. 3 kids.. yikes! 1 year old, 6 year old and 16 year old. I'm tired!