October 2, 2013

US Government Shutdown: It really does affect all of us.

I generally don't get too involved in US politics.  Sure, I have my opinion but in general I think most politicians are greedy and slimy.

Yesterday all the news was about the recent US Government Shutdown.  I pretty much put my head in the sand and didn't think it would affect me or my family.

Recently, Eli got a book from the library about earth quakes.  It has become his latest obsession - how to prepare and survive an earth quake.  I'm thrilled by this obsession (it's much better than Pokemon), I love studying weather so this is something we can study together.  We watched this video about preparing for an earth quake in Japan.  (Eli still loves Japan)  I then wanted to show Eli that the earth is constantly shifting, that there are quakes daily.  Next step we traveled here:   http://earthquake.usgs.gov  and saw this:

Oh crap, I guess the shut down has affected us. 

Are there government programs that have affected you?  Please share in the comments.

Disclaimer:  I know this is extremely minor compared to many other Americans.  When the gov't is up and running again be sure to visit earthquake.usgs.gov - it's great to see live earth quake activity!