December 6, 2014

Elijah "bakes"

So Easy I'm Lazy Christmas Cookies

These look good, taste good and are so simple!  My nine year old made them.  Total time ~5 minutes + 30 minutes cooling time.

Start with some white chocolate bark.  You could use any bark, but at Christmas time the white looks like snow and is a great back ground to the red and green decorations.

Melt the Chocolate in the microwave for 45 seconds at a time.. stir... then put it back in for another 45 seconds.  Repeat if needed.  

Owl loves white chocolate.

You want your chocolate to be runny rather than thick.  You can add a little milk to thin out the chocolate.  Look!  I just used the words thin and chocolate in the same sentence :)

Grab some ginger cookies.  I like Annas Swedish thins.  I did have some break - but no worries, broken ones have no calories.

Grab a random child to show how easy these are to make.  Dip the cookie half way into the warm gooey white chocolate.  Place on parchment paper then sprinkle with some Christmas decorations.  As you can tell, Elijah does not enjoy being photographed.

Voila!  So  Easy I'm Lazy Christmas Cookies!

~Merry Christmas~