February 25, 2005

Yes, we are still alive

Eli is 2 weeks 3 days old today.... and you would think we dropped off the face of the earth. But we are still here. All we have been doing is eating and sleeping. Eli likes to be held alot - especially in the middle of the night. It has to get easier, right? ;) He is now 8 lbs 15.5 oz - and very happy!

Signed... one very tired, but happy Mommy!!

February 15, 2005

Welcome to the world Elijah James!

So you must be wondering.... where have you been for over a week?
On Tuesday, February 8th at 10:03am Elijah James entered the world. Ever since then life for Mommy has been a bit busy. I hope to write his birth story soon!

Elijah is perfect. He basicly sleeps and eats. Sara is in love with her baby brother and loves to show him off.


February 6, 2005

Home Alone

This morning I let Daddy and Sara off to Sunday school by themselves. I felt bad about pretty much falling asleep during class last week. An hour and a half to myself this morning is wonderful. I will meet up with them for service at 10 am.

Your Mother, the nerd, is obsessed with the weather. And the past few days have been incredible!! Today is supposed to be a high of 46 - I think it hit 50 yesterday with sun! Crazy for early Feb! They are calling for snow mid this week.

The past day or so you've been easy to carry around. It's really strange - but I don't feel well - feeling really pregnant - I feel like it's all for you - that you are safe. I don't like it when you are not jumping on my bladder. I like the reminders that you are always there. Weird, eh? I just want to be sure you are safe. I guess it's just the mommy in me coming out. I worry about your health and the labor. That's just normal, I guess. I just can't wait to hold you and know that you are healthy.

Yesterday I bought a diaper genie. So we are all prepared for your stinky diapers. We are pretty much set up for your arrival. So show up already, would ya! :)


February 4, 2005

And I thought yesterday was hard.


Everyday I think - oh this is getting so uncomfortable. Then the next day comes. I forget what the last few weeks were like with Sara. I'm getting a reminder now! Energy is zapped, feet are swollen very bad, can't sleep, fear of labor, fear of being disorganized. The list goes on.

The other day I put up the bassinet in Mom and Dad's room - Sara wanted to climb in something bad. I hope your arrival is not too hard on her. I've been so tired during the day - the poor kid watches tv most of the time. She doesn't mind - but I do.

You are still kicking - but I can tell you don't have much room in there left. I really can't wait to meet you. Will you look like your Daddy? I'm assuming you will have blonde hair with blue eyes. Daddy's has brown eyes - Sara's are kind of greenish and mine are blue. Will you love to cuddle and be held?

Grandma and Papa Shaw decided to leave a few days earlier. Everyone thinks you are coming early. My doctor says that if my blood pressure goes up we might decide for you to arrive on the 11th - wow... that's next Friday! You can always come earlier if you want. The doctor says you are full term - come out whenever you are ready sweet boy.



February 1, 2005

feeling a bit overwelmed

So you would think that by not working I would be this super organized Mom - NOT! I'm just preparing you now that there will be days when we get nothing done. We will have lots of fun - but get nothing done. Everything is starting to take too much effort. I wonder where the time goes during the day. It's 2pm and Sara and I have gone grocery shopping - that's it! yikes! I have a bible study tonight - and I can't even find my work book.

Where did my brain go? I think there really is something called pregnancy brain. And I got a double dose. :)