January 6, 2007

My little Helper!

Sweet Elijah... You will be 2 years old next month. And yes, you still use a bottle. This past week, however, you no longer use a bottle at bedtime! Yeah for you! You are doing so awesome. Mom & Dad are very proud. In another week or so we will take the night time one away too - we hope!

You are getting so big! You are now able to open the fridge by yourself. The other day you brought a yogurt for me to open for you. Too cute - you even closed the fridge door. You love to close doors. You close your bedroom door - then get upset that you can't get out. You close the door on the dryer in the laudry room. You also now bring the forks to the kitchen table to set the table. You just want to be involved with what everyone else is doing. I even let you do the dishes the other day. My kitchen floor was like a lake by the time you were done! Notice how I had to take your shirt off!
I love you!

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