January 28, 2007


That's all I ask for.. 10%.. 10% of your energy! You jump, run, hop, bounce - you are a ball of engery, Eli. You currently have two emotions - happy or angry. You are happy when you experience something new. You are angry when you don't get what you want. Anger for you means throwing things - throwing sippy cups and your food are your top 2 favs. However, you are learning.. I don't take THAT crap. Time outs - you don't like them.

Recently Daddy and I regret selling our old video camera. I can't begin to describe the cutest thing you do without one. We ask you if it's time to go to sleep and you lay back (eyes open) and start to snore. You lay perfectly still - it's the funniest thing. When I open the van door to take you out of your car seat you pretend to be sleeping.. eyes wide open .. snoring. Then you laugh - like you tricked me. You goof :)

You still aren't talking much.... let me correct that... you say alot .. we just don't have a clue what you are saying. You use your hands a lot when talking. Are you Italian? We can tell by the different tones that you are very serious - we just don't have a clue. The words you can say are: Momma (used most of the time), Dada, apple, choo-choo, shhh (you put your figure to your lips... really cute!), on (for John) and some version of Sara. (kind of like ara.. but we aren't 100%)

You love to eat - your current obession is fruit snacks... you grunt at me and point to the cupboard. I limit you to one package a day. The cool part is you put the empty wrapper in the garbage now without being asked. Yeah! You love yogurt, pasta, cheerios, bananas, apples, mac n' cheese, rice, mashed potatoes, chicken, pancakes, brocolli, string cheese - there hasn't been too much yet that you atleast won't try.

I love you sweet boy - I love your desire for hugs and the sound effects of your wet kisses!


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