January 19, 2005

Can't sleep - too pumped!

Last night I had my 36 week appt. Everything is looking good! Your heart beat is 142 bpm and your head is down. The dr is guessing around 3 more weeks!!! :) My guess.. Feb 8th.

So here is the problem - I'm starting to flip flop on your name! Two very different names. Elijah James or Dylan James. I wish I could fast forward about 20 years and get your thoughts.

I am just so pumped to meet you- it's getting really close!!

Today Sara has her gymnastics and swimming class - it's her favourite day of the week! She has really improved on her swimming. She can now swim the length of the pool by herself! She only uses the foam block. Just a few short weeks ago she would not let go of the teacher - I'm really proud of her.

Daddy has been busy busy busy! He has so much on his plate right now. Work, church, and school. Plus he is trying to find time to get things ready around here for your arrival. We are tearing apart the guest room for Sara - so then you can move into her room. Time is running out. Don't worry little one. You will spend the first few months in your Mommy & Daddy's room.

This weekend is my annual weekend away in Door Co. with the "girls" - at first I wasn't going to go - afraid that I wasn't going to feel well. But now I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing time before you arrive.


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