June 13, 2005

Monday Morn

Probably time to update here. Don't have too much too say..shocking, isn't it. We are just plugging away.
I need to learn put pictures on here. Elijah and Sara are doing well - as Sara says - "we are just being kids"
We are trying to spend more time at home.. less time shopping. I always thought I was going out to entertain the kids. But I think it's me that it's me that is not content. I wonder how to fix that?


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coolgrandma said...

Just grandma ,catching up on your family . wait till papa gets there and see if she can beat him on crazy eights . He is GOOD !
After your letter to dad , you must realize ,where ever you are with the kids , that is the memories you leave them . Sue ann was in tears when she read it , she said you get the award ,for the best gift you gave a person .
Also remember we have to get the picture taken with Elijah, you know ,the grandparents .
You are doing it right Dana , that is why they are happy children . But they need to sleep.LOL