August 16, 2005

Late August

Am I supposed to writing in this more often? hmmmm ... time seems to slip away on these long summer days. The weather is perfect - at last! It's the first time since June we haven't had the air on. Elijah, your Mom doesn't like the heat. Today was about 82 - and that's my limit! I love the chilly mornings when it's in the high 50's when you wake up. That's a sign that in just a few short weeks that will be our high for the day. Man, I was meant to be a weather girl. It seems that weather is one of the few things these days that God shows his mighty power.. and I love that!

Your sister starts kindergarten in just a few short weeks. It was very stressful to pick a school. This could make such a difference in her life. She will be going to Forest Glen - the public school close to home. And to think a few months ago we were thinking about homeschooling. There are certain parts I love about homeschooling.. but more then I didn't think would work for us.

One good thing about Sara going to Forest Glen is that she can take the bus. Which is awesome considering the price of gas. I wonder if some day, when you are much older, you will laugh at this entry. Today gas is $2.69/gallon... just 9 days ago it was $2.38/gallon .. that's a 13% increase!! (I wish wages went up that fast!) At Christmas gas was $1.76/gallon.. 52% increase... Dad and I got married 7 years ago.. we saw it at 99 cents the day we got married. I hope there will be more fuel friendly cars for you... there has to be :)

I love you sweetie.. (even though you've been a little bum getting to bed tonight)


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