July 9, 2006

Let's go on an adventure!

Today you are 17 months old!! Yeah for you. In two days you are going to take your first plane ride. We, your sister and I, are going to Canada to visit your Grandma and Papa Shaw and Aunt Sue-Ann. Because you are under 2 you fly free, as long as you stay on my lap. The question is... will that happen? I'm so happy that you have completed your harness training program!! That harness was the best $10 I've ever spent at Wally World!!

I really hope you have a good time and get spoiled rotten. I love you!


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coolgrandma said...

Hi Eli and Sara , we can hardly wait for you and mommy to coming to Canada . We have put a shelf in the family room and have found toys for you both . We hope you have a fun time on the plane , I'm sure they will remember you on the plane . Dana this is a mile stone for you all . Sara is a perfect age , and will have wonderful memories . That is our job and Aunt Sueann . Love Grandma and Papa xoxox