June 23, 2011

Sara Cooks

One housekeeping task I never learned as a child was meal planning. This summer Sara is going to learn to plan meals. Sara is 11 years old - so our main focus will be on nutrition and fun! Here are the ground rules:

  • plan meal (must include main course, side dish & dessert)
  • create grocery list (check kitchen for items not needed)
  • grocery shop
  • cook meal (with help from Mom, if needed)

I'm thinking as summer goes on I may add an extra challenge - give her a budget! To motivate her I can let her keep the change. Nothing motivates a tween more then getting to keep the change!

Tonight was Sara's first meal. On the menu was - Hamburger sliders with Strawberries and Smore's muffins

The meal was extra tasty - not good for my diet.. but really tasty. Excellent job, Sara!

Do your kids help you plan for meals?

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