September 13, 2012

10 Things that Piss Me Off

Lately there seems to a list of events that have pissed me off.

So to piss you off I will put my top 10 in random order.

7. Senior Citizen Drivers.  You'd think they would drive faster since they don't have much time left.
3. People that still write checks.  Come on people get with it.  
1. Blogger not having an automatic Save feature the way Google Docs does.
5.  People that are disrespectful of my time.  Now I dont' trust you.
4.  Political Ads - all of them.  Lies!
9.  There is no symbol when you want to type !!!!!!!! but you know it looks stupid! (!!)
10. Why my Veggie Stix and Cheetos have almost the same nutritional information.  I'll take the cheetos please!
2.  People that don't trust me - I'm talking to you - the one that click the links in #10 because you didn't believe me.
6.  Walking into a room and forgetting why I went there.  Getting old sucks.
8.  People that don't clean off the machines at the Y.  Gross! (!!) You lazy ass!

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