February 6, 2005

Home Alone

This morning I let Daddy and Sara off to Sunday school by themselves. I felt bad about pretty much falling asleep during class last week. An hour and a half to myself this morning is wonderful. I will meet up with them for service at 10 am.

Your Mother, the nerd, is obsessed with the weather. And the past few days have been incredible!! Today is supposed to be a high of 46 - I think it hit 50 yesterday with sun! Crazy for early Feb! They are calling for snow mid this week.

The past day or so you've been easy to carry around. It's really strange - but I don't feel well - feeling really pregnant - I feel like it's all for you - that you are safe. I don't like it when you are not jumping on my bladder. I like the reminders that you are always there. Weird, eh? I just want to be sure you are safe. I guess it's just the mommy in me coming out. I worry about your health and the labor. That's just normal, I guess. I just can't wait to hold you and know that you are healthy.

Yesterday I bought a diaper genie. So we are all prepared for your stinky diapers. We are pretty much set up for your arrival. So show up already, would ya! :)


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