February 4, 2005

And I thought yesterday was hard.


Everyday I think - oh this is getting so uncomfortable. Then the next day comes. I forget what the last few weeks were like with Sara. I'm getting a reminder now! Energy is zapped, feet are swollen very bad, can't sleep, fear of labor, fear of being disorganized. The list goes on.

The other day I put up the bassinet in Mom and Dad's room - Sara wanted to climb in something bad. I hope your arrival is not too hard on her. I've been so tired during the day - the poor kid watches tv most of the time. She doesn't mind - but I do.

You are still kicking - but I can tell you don't have much room in there left. I really can't wait to meet you. Will you look like your Daddy? I'm assuming you will have blonde hair with blue eyes. Daddy's has brown eyes - Sara's are kind of greenish and mine are blue. Will you love to cuddle and be held?

Grandma and Papa Shaw decided to leave a few days earlier. Everyone thinks you are coming early. My doctor says that if my blood pressure goes up we might decide for you to arrive on the 11th - wow... that's next Friday! You can always come earlier if you want. The doctor says you are full term - come out whenever you are ready sweet boy.



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