May 12, 2005

searching for normal

I'm so ready for a schedule - but it appears Eli is not. I really don't know how people do it. How do they create a schedule without listening to their little baby scream. I'm not very good at letting him "cry it out" With Sara a schedule naturally came about. But it did take a long time.
We have decided Sara will go to St. James. I really love the idea of homeschooling - but not right now. I am not ready. I'm just not that organized - or that disciplined.


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coolgrandma said...

I'm happy you have decided on sending Sara to school for next year . This gives Sara a chance to be with other kids ,and mommy and Eli to be just
"two ". I remember dana when you and I had those special moments when it was just you and I, when your sisters went to school. Memeories are so short ,enjoy them . The next year ,you can make another descion for the two kids.
cool grandma