November 29, 2005

big party for your sister

Well.. Sara turned 6 years old! And that makes your mother very old, Eli. Tonight we are celebrating by having a party at the tundra lodge. They have have an indoor waterpark. Next year we will let you swim there.
Right now I don't really know what to write.. you spend most of your days trying to get into things you aren't supposed. ie. the bathroom, Sara's craft center, under my desk. Or you spend your day taste testing everything. You love nothing more then finding paper - tearing it up then trying to eat it. You sure keep me busy. I love you so much - even though we have nick-named you "Eli - the destroyer!"


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coolgrandma said...

Sara , I'm sure you had a wonderful time at your pool party , grandma sure would have loved to have seen you turned 6 years old . You have grown so much in your pictures . Please send me a picture in one of your outfits. I would love to hear from you .Elijah ,
it will be your turn soon to blow out your candle . If you don't destroy your cake first . Love grandma