November 19, 2005

time flies by

wow.. where have I been? You have grown so much. Most days seem the same as the day before but then before you know it you are in the next size clothing. You are now 9 months old. You are 19 lbs. Some say you are small - but I say you are perfect :) We now have the perfect nick name for you. You are Eli - the destoyer! You get into everything - and I mean everything. If I take you away from something you go right over to the next thing you can't touch. We are constantly moving things around to block areas you can't be near. You sure keep us on our toes.

The other day you cried when you got your finger stuck in the VCR (when you are older you can ask me what a VCR is - by the time you are 20 you will have no idea what it is!) You put your finger in - then the door closed and you couldn't get it out. You didn't like that. I came running to your rescue, hugged you and then everything was better. Then what did you do? you tried to do it again! - you little bum. You just laughed at me - testing to see if I was watching.

I will tell more "the destroyer" stories soon. Time for bed. Love you!!


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