February 7, 2008

Good Afternoon Eli...

Right now you are trying to lay down for an afternoon nap - the house is quiet and I'm tempted to take a nap myself. Today was a simple day at home playing and reading books. These are my favourite kinds of days.

Tomorrow is your 3rd birthday. You are pretty excited about having some birthday cupcakes. I asked what kind you wanted and you replied, "Power Rangers" - lol - you are too funny.

We are having some major food issues with you. You really don't want anything but junk. I am putting my foot down and you don't like it. Then you try to make me feel guilty by saying in the sweetest voice - Momma, I'm hungry... my tummy is hungry. I'm not buying it kid. I seriously don't remember the last time you finished any meal. You will eat when you are really hungry.. I hope!

Hugs sweetie,


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