February 13, 2009

I get so Giddy ...

I've got it bad. I've got the American Idol addiction bad!

Here are my tens signs that you are AIA (American Idol Addict) Do you share any of my bad habits?

10. You agree with Simon most of the time.

9. You watch the show with your kids and call it family time.

8. You watch reruns on you tube during the "off season"

7. You don't get blues after Christmas because you know American Idol will start in less then a month.

6. You curse Vote for the Worst

5. Your 9 year old dials for your favourite on the land line while you text with your cell phone.

4. You are still trying to figure out how Dial Idol works.

3. You started watching House because it used to come on right after American Idol.

2. You've checked on facebook to see if your favourite has their own fan page.

1. Your 4 year old says he wants to be "The Next American Idol"

and here's a bonus:

You're listening to Taylor Hicks on Pandora while writing a blog post :)


Anonymous said...

sorry - I just yell at my husband to turn it down so I can sleep : )

Amy said...

I am so addicted to this show it isn't even funny :) Love American Idol and it gets better every year!