April 4, 2009

My week without Facebook

I have a part time job from home where I work as a social media specialist. I'm not so sure on the "specialist" part. But that's what they call me. A lot of my work is dealing with facebook - since it's so "hot" right now.

Earlier this week I was creating fan pages for a client. I created one too many and facebook assumed I was spamming and I got the boot. Kicked off facebook. At first I was stunned, shocked even. What was I going to do? I used my twitter account for the rest of the day to vent my frustration. On facebook I have mulitiple accounts that I use for testing and advertising purposes. What I lost was my personal account - with all my friends.

All this happened on Monday - today is Saturday. You know what? I'm still alive! I had to ask myself - do I really have 160 friends? Or were these just people that I've met? I realized that maybe my friend Mark Slippy could be right - "Facebook is a great time waster".

I'm spending the day outside - enjoying God's beauty. What about you?

1 comment:

Amy said...

Facebook does suck in the best of them.