April 22, 2009

This is Going to make your Head Spin

This morning we received an email from AT&T stating that our "service order" was complete. What service order? I decide this requires a phone call from me. (note: me and customer service people don't get along too well)

First - I need the phone number. AT&T provides a link to the phone number (would it have been too difficult just to give me the number) I call... then go throw 2 minutes of talking to a robot... grrr... say "yes", "I see you are calling from 920-....." say "no", "I do not understand your request, can you say it a different way"

Finally I get to a real person. She asks for my phone number... grrr.. the robot knew my number, how come you don't?

The lady then goes on tell me she has to ask my permission (due to some new federal law) to sell me their products crap at the end of this call.

AT&T"Do I have your permission?"
Me "ah.. NO"

I go on to tell her about my email - this service order.

AT&T: "Well, that is what I was just talking about - the permission"

me: "what? I want to know about this service order. I didn't ask for any change on my account"

AT&T: "the email is to inform you that we added to your account that we have to now ask your permission to sell AT&T products"

me: "are you serious? You spammed me ... now I had to call you to find out that you now have to ask permission to sell your crap? Is that what you are saying?

AT&T: "I wouldn't use those words - but yes"

me: "well thanks for spamming me and wasting my time - It's nice to know you have to ask permission now to sell your products but that it's still okay to spam me. Have a good day"


Is AT&T being run by the government? Because they seem about as efficient.

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letterstoelijah said...

What we should be shocked at is the face a law had to be created where AT&T has to ask permission to their products.