June 20, 2008

Would this count?

Eli.. with rising gas and food prices Mom has found a new hobby... being frugal.. or at least tempting to be frugal. Yesterday was "kind of" my first (of hopefully many to come) zero spending days.
(When I was about 20 I read an article in the Toronto Star about a woman that been having zero garbage days for years - I thought that was amazing. So the same principal applies)
Yesterday I was doing really well. I didn't use my debit card at all! However, I did use the change in my wallet. Sara and I returned some movies to Family Video down the street. Family Video offers free rentals if you get A's on your report card. Yeah! I like free. You got 5 free movies! (of course redeemable one at a time) Your movie was due back tonight or I could pay an extra 25 cents and you could keep it for 5 times. Once again I was easily tempted at such a deal. I reached for my quarter and Sara walked out a happy "A" student.
This is as close as I've ever been to a zero spending day - so I'm going to count it as one :)

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