June 24, 2008


When you woke up this morning (by the way - you are still in a crib - you are 3 1/2!) you said the most odd thing. "There's ice in my butt!" (with nose wrinkled up) I replied: "ice in your... butt?" Assuming you were speaking nonsense I promptly ignored the silly comment.

Right away I took you to the bathroom so you could do your thing. (You are potty trained during the day - but not at night yet) I took off your diaper and it had exploded! The insides are this gel like stuff that had exploded out the ends. Funny - it looked a lot like ice. Ahhhhhh... ice in your butt - I get it now :)

For a 3 year old, Eli, you are pretty smart!

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Kim said...

Cute! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I live in Bowmanville. My friend's son goes to Dwyer. I grew up in Scarborough. Yup - really a small world :)