June 10, 2008

and summer begins...

Yesterday was Sara's last day at school - wow, she will be a 3rd grader come September! Today was a long day - lots of fighting between you and your sister. It drives me crazy - and I probably yell a bit too much. Any suggestions? I need to find some me time so that way I enjoy my time with the two of you.

I've been on a frugal kick lately - well trying to be frugal. It's hard - temptations are all around me. For example - I got you and Sara an ice-cream cone at the local ice cream shoppe $1.60 for each cone. At least you both ate it all and it didn't fall on the ground - that's a good thing, right? I need to set myself a challenge - zero spending days. Try to strive for 3 a week... hmmm. By the way - gas is currently $3.94/gallon - I'm curious if you will read this 20 years from now and shocked by the fact that it was cheap or that we will still using gasoline :)

On the potty training side things are going awesome. You really are doing awesome. You don't say you have to go potty - everytime you say you have to go "poo" I know for sure you have to go poo when you asked me to leave the bathroom. Even going potty you are still cute!

I need to write down more often the funny things you say. On Saturday we had a bbq with some friends over from New Hope. You and the other kids had a water gun fight. When you ran out of water you said "my water gun is thirsty, Mom!"

Happy summer sweetie - I hope it's filled with great memories!


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