December 29, 2008

Fugal Tip x 2!

This frugal tip is actually two for one! Save money and declutter at the same time! It's actually very simple. Use up all the free samples you have!

Do you get samples in the mail? Do you stuff them in a drawer? Time to use them up! If you don't want to use them - donate them to a shelter.

I've even saved hotel soap and shampoo. Time to use those up - all those pennies add up to saving for you!

Are you looking for samples or freebies - try these sites:

Start Sampling - I've been a member since 2000!
The MotherLoad - every Friday Amy lists lots of freebies!

Do you have samples laying around your house?

1 comment:

Linda C said...

Great ideas on using the samples. I tend to save them for our suitcases and travel.

I noticed a few blogs back you mentioned all the snow in Milwaukee. I'm a Christian mom and grammy from Wisconsin too--close to Madison. So Hi neighbor:)

Linda C