December 19, 2008

Busy Busy

Eli and Sara's gingerbread house... which Eli loves to eat!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I used to daily. Then life happened.

What's been going on?

In late October I got a part-time job where I work from home - I'm a social media specialist. So now I get paid to know how facebook works :)

On December 1st we pulled Sara from public school and now homeschool her. Eli will finish up the school year with his preschool class.

I remember a few months ago I prayed that God would help me not be so selfish - to be more giving. I guess he took me seriously. Can't argue with the Big Guy :)

Today Jim left with Sara to go to Milwaukee to pick up John. Did I mention the blizzard? 8-14 inches in Milwaukee today. I threw the kids shovel in the truck and kissed them good-bye.
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Anonymous said...

WHAT! you decided to homeschool again. do tell more!!

letterstoelijah said...

In Oct/Nov we had some minor issues at school. Jim and I decided that Sara needed a more Christ centered education - she was getting the opposite at school.

December has been catch up month. I had to start her back at the beginning of grade 3. My curriculum is about 6 months - one year a head of the public schools.
I have seen so many improvements in her just in the past few weeks.

It's worked out pretty good. When Eli is in preschool - I go into the office (hubby and I work at the same place.) Jim teaches Sara during that time. She loves going into the office and sitting as his desk.

Esther said...

Good for you Dana, glad you're doing well. And by the way, didn't you know only COOL people like New Kids on the Block?

Anonymous said...

that is awesome. I'm really glad it is working out.

Lorie said...

Well,congratulations on home schooling! We pulled our son out of public school last year but he now goes to the Christian school here and town and it is FANTASTIC! I couldn't be anymore happy and honestly, neither could he. It is a lot of work but he loves going to school every single day. As a matter of fact he often is singing "today is the best day".

Anyway, congrats on your decision! Have a very Merry Christmas!