December 3, 2008

3 Meaningful Frugal Christmas Gifts Ideas

I love a great frugal Christmas gift. But it also has to have meaning. It can't be something like a 75% off Christmas candle that will collect dust.

Give something with meaning. Give something personal.

When you give something personal you have to really know the person you are giving it to. I'm not talking about what their slipper size is. I'm talking about finding out what is important in their life. I'm talking about knowing their history.

Here are 3 meaning gift ideas:

Gift #1

A postcard I purchased on ebay. This is a postcard of a prominent building from the town my husband grew up in. I'm guessing it's about 60 years old. I found a perfectly matching frame on sale at a department store. This gift connects my husband to his history. Cost for postcard and frame: $5.49

Gift #2
My Dad is a sports nut! I purchased for him (about 7 years ago now) a baseball game program for his favorite team's first game: Toronto Blue Jays. Their first game was in April 1977. He loved looking through the program and reading about the players. I loved looking at the advertisements for long ago. I didn't take a picture of the one I gave my Dad but found a copy (courtesy of Cost: under $5 on ebay

Gift #3
I was feeling crafty as I made this personalized clock for my sister as a Christmas gift. My sister has a cottage and they love to friends over for a few cocktails. The clock reads - "It has to be noon somewhere" (pls click on link for larger photo) This clock is simply a plain clock purchased at walmart. I opened it up, removed the face and decorated to reflect my sister's personality. Total Cost: under $5

Make your Christmas Presents meaningful and Personal this year!


Esther said...

Wonderful ideas!

Anonymous said...

The clock idea is so cute!