December 29, 2008

Happy New Year: A Review of 2008

Kelli is hosting a "peek through my last year of blogging" meme over at "There's no place Like home". I always enjoy all of the wonderful pictures that she shares on her blog. She'd love a visit from you!

Within each month is also a favourite photo that was taken that month :)

I didn't start to blog on a somewhat regular basis until mid year - but here we go...
to read the whole post please click on the month's link. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Today we went grocery shopping - I picked up some strawberry-banana flavoured Light V8 Juice


Happy 3rd Birthday Elijah! We have been practicing for about a week to show the number 3 with...


2:30 in the afternoon.... and once again, you are...


yikes! no posts in April!


Eli, I think your mother needs an attitude adjustment. I've read...


When you woke up this morning (by the way - you are still in...


The Summer to do list

As soon as school ended for Sara I was inspired to do a summer ....


This mornings conversation:

Eli - Mom, we have no snacks!
Mom - What are we going to do?
Eli - We can go to Woodman's (grocery store), they have snacks - lots of snacks. Let's go!

Traveling to Disney World in the summer is ... well... to put it nicely.. IT'S CRAZY!.....

Being frugal is different for everyone. For some it means eating beans all the time for others it means buying a used car instead of a new one....


I am such a geek... but to me.. this is fun!

First, a little background. My new job is really cool - however...


I love a great frugal Christmas gift. But it also has to have meaning. It can't be something like...
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