December 12, 2008

She has no clue...

This morning I was reaching for a plastic cup on the top shelf in the kitchen. Down fell this plastic ashtray that I bought for when my mother-in-law would visit. (I don't let her smoke in my house - but I thought it was kind for me to provide her an ashtray). When it fell Sara didn't know what it was at first. Then she said - "oh, I know what it is - it's a smoke tray!" Sometimes it's good not to know things.

Habits have really changed since I was a kid. Everyone says how things have gotten worse. Some things have improved.

~my children don't deal with smoking.

~in my opinion, racism has improved since I was a child.

~my children are much more aware of the impact we have on our earth then I ever did. They assume everything gets recycled before it is put in the garbage.

~since we now live in a global market, my children are much more aware of the goings on around the world. Case in point, the tsunami a few years. Sara wanted to know where it was in the world and the impact it had on those people.

How is your children's life better?
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