May 22, 2009

I Now Know who that Girl Is!

Have you ever been in a public place and seen someone and knew you knew them from somewhere - but had no clue where? I think we all have. We run down our list of where we might know them - work, church, child's friend's parent.

This past week I was leaving the Y and a girl was coming in. I knew her - just didn't know from where. She knew me. We said an "I know you" Hey - Hello, how ya doin'? with a smile. I kept walking and my daughter Sara said, "do you know her?" I replied, "yes, but I don't know where from"

Tomorrow morning I have an early shift at work 6:30am I started to prepare as I normally do the night before - putting out my clothes, choosing now what I would eat for breakfast - WAIT. I know that girl!

Up until a month ago I used to stop at McDonalds before my early Saturday shift. SHE was the girl that always served every Saturday morning. Wow, the McDonald's girl works out at the YMCA. She must of been shocked to see me there. I guess she now knows where I've been the past month :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Anyone who works at (and therefore probably eats as) McD's is best off visiting the Y on a regular basis!

It's amusing how the mind works, in this case, through association.